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    Range Day

    Sorry, no pics. I don't want to display my awful groups. Anyway, I took my Savage 10, .308, 18" barreled rifle to the range today. It has an Arken 4-14 scope on it and a procomp muzzle brake. First thing is, Man is it LOUD! I guess it doesn't matter what you put on the end of it by way of...
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    Electronic Hearing Protection

    Hello, All! I am trying to decide on some electronic hearing protection. I would like to go with muffs rather than in the ear designs. I want to be able to hunt with them so some sound amplification is welcome. Could you guys give me some recommendations? I would really appreciate it...
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    Arken SH4

    Thank you!
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    Arken SH4

    Hello, All. I just purchased an Arken 4-14x SH4 for my Savage 10 heavy barrel. It is a mil/mil scope. I have never used a scope with mils, so I am looking for information on how to understand and use a miliradian scope with 1/10 mil turrets. I used the search function on this forum but...
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    Hello from Gulf Coast of Texas

    Hey Guys, my name is Michael and I am currently living in Galveston, TX. I shoot .308 and 7.62x39mm. Most of my shooting has been inside of 300 yards and I am looking at getting into the long-range game. My family has land in southeast Texas that has Nilgai on it and I am looking to harvest...