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    Just how tough are groundhogs?

    You are welcome. I forgot to mention I use a 6" drop tube, makes it easier to get it all in. You can do it with a regular funnel but a drop tube is easier. Fitch
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    Do you use a cell phone to access

    I have an iPhone and would access LRH from it if there was an App that made it easy to do so. Trying to read this forum using Safari with 7 decade old eyes isn't fun. As it is, I don't read the forum from my phone. Fitch
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    Give Away Contest - Huskemaw Blue Diamond 3-12 Rifle Scope

    Enter Me In The Huskemaw Scope Contest
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    Just how tough are groundhogs?

    I'll give you the whole specification: .223 CZ527 American sporter, 40g Nosler BT seated 0.020" off the lands, 28.0g of AA2460, Win brass, CCI 400 primers. Leaves the muzzle at ~3640 fps and shoots holes touching @ 100 off the bench in 3 CZ's I know of (one is mine, two with wood stocks, one...
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    X-Bolt or Model 70?

    Browning and Winchester are made under the same parent company. FN. The quality of the Winchesters made to day is way better than the quality of the pre'64 rifles, and I have a '53. My experience with the pre 64 rifles is that it is rare for one to shoot under an inch. The new ones I've seen...
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    Best copper solvent?

    You are right, they take time to work. So do the good carbon removers. I just do something else during that time. I prefer doing something else to makeing all those strokes in my bore with a cleaning rod. I can't tell you how many rifles friends and family have brought to me asking why...
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    Best copper solvent?

    Re: KG Cleaning Products I have, and it works well, but I really really like how BoreTech Eliminator (BTE) works. The KG12 bottle says to keep stroking the bore with a soaked patch for 20 strokes or something like that. BoreTech can just sit and do it's thing. I use SLIP2000 (S2) to get...
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    Quickload program

    You are going to love it! <Options|SetUp Propellant Table> does exactly that. It calculates a table of every powder of relevance stating peak pressure, muzzle velocity, percentage fill, etc., in accordance with parameters you establish. It takes a bit of experience to work with the parameters...
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    Quickload program

    I've been using the QuickLoad suite of software for about 5 years now. Reloading with out it would be like driving with my eyes closed. It is a wonderful tool. It comes with a very good manual. There is a lot of depth to the program. I take the time to measure the watergrain capacity of the...
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    iPhone 4s Ballistic Software

    I have both Ballistic and BulletFlight L2. I only use BulletFlight L2. I have 12 rifle/cartridge combinations stored it it. When I head out hunting, all I have to do is select the rifle/cartridge of the day and I'm good to go with all the data about the...
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    Disenchanted with Remington 700

    I do a lot of walk around hunting. I carry all my bolt action rifles except my Model 700 in .17Remington slung with a round in the chamber and the safety on. the 700 is the only rifle I own that will allow the bolt to move when the safety is all the way on. All 4 of my Savages, both CZ's, the...
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    Savage Action for 338 LM repeater

    Savage target, varmint, long and short sporter, actions are available. I've seen them at a local dealer, in the Jerry's Sport Center Catalog, and on GunBroker. Fitch
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    Why are custom rifles so Pricey??

    Because a used rifle is frequently cheaper than a new action. One can frequently buy a long action complete rifle in 7mmMAG for $250 to $300 bux. That's less than a Savage action all by itself. For big game (deer, etc.) hunting at "normal" distances, like out to 500 yards, it is possible...
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    Why are custom rifles so Pricey??

    Right! So what are you waiting for? Talk is cheap. Go do it. Fitch
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    How accurate should COL be?

    I have a problem with Barnes TTSX in my 7mmMAG that came up in another thread. I got some input from that thread which helped. First, my seating die wasn't set up properly. The shell holder needs to bottom firmly on the die so that the seating stem controls the bullet depth rather than the...

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