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    Wheeler FAT wrench digital or analog????

    I like my Vortex analog torque wrench. Adjusts in 1 inch/pound increments. Fat Wrench adjusts in 5 in/lb increments. Perfect for scope mounting and critical action screw torques.
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    Help with 22 Hornet

    Own a CZ 527 in .22 Hornet. I put a light crimp on my Hornet reloads. Top notch factory load was Winchester Supreme which disappeared from the market several years ago. Those were crimped.
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    Heard from another reloader that primer making materials come from China. Duh!
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    hearing aids anyone ?

    Apples and oranges. You get implants when your hearing level drops so low that hearing aids no longer help.
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    hearing aids anyone ?

    After a lifetime of shooting unprotected, I suffered major hearing loss with tinnitis. I used a ENT physician's audiology department to get top quality hearing aids at thousands cheaper than the storefront offices. These aids have a cut-off feature that will not transmit sounds above a...
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    Identifying loads during load development

    I use a plastic cartridge box with 10 divisions, 5 slots each. Inside the lid I place a piece of paper that is divided exactly like the holder below and numbered 1 through 10. I then place up to 5 loads for each of the 10 divisions. The numbered divisions correspond to my load data sheets. After...