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    Sight in distance

    i have a Blaser R93 i sight it to shoot 2.0 inch high at 100 yards, it ideal for up to almost up to 200 yards
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    Three full-curl Bighorn rams

    Its absolutely beautiful stunning, very good photograph.
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    30mm vs 1 inch optic?

    We'll there is defnitly difference betwen 30 mm and a 1 inch scope , the light transmition capabilities , it's that last minutes extra you can get at dusk or dawn with the 30 mm scope , who are capable off gathering extra extra light than the 1 inch, I fell the 30 mm are more stronger built but...
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    Have been out on Important business commitmentslightbulb
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    Siberian Ibex in the mountains of Kazakhstan

    Outstanding trophy very nice, hope to set my foot on those mountains
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    Degrees Of Rifle Accuracy by Ian McMurchy

    I would be highly obliged if some long range shooter would advise as to what would be the difference on point of impact if one is too use rifle on higher altitude and cold weather condition ( could be-20 degree), at present I am using a Blaser R-93 30/06 Professional in synthetic stock using a...
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    Degrees Of Rifle Accuracy by Ian McMurchy

    I have just got my new Blaser R-93 Professional in 3006 caliber with a FIber stock, using a 30 mm Zeiss adjustable Red dot with Blaser saddle mounts using a 180 grain Winchester Accua Bond I am getting my 4 shot groups under 1 inch, have done no adjustments its just straight out off the box.
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    Swarovski vs. Zeiss, HELP

    Both scopes are fantastic scope I have them both and have been using them both, its just matter off choice, i think Zeiss could be a slightly better at late evening on fading lights.
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    Swarovski Z5 question

    I have a Swarovski 3x10-42 MD and a Ziess 2x8-42 adjustable Red dot both are excellent mid range scope good enough for my type shooting which is 300 to 350 yds.
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    Scopes and rifel

    sorry that I did not mention my caliber its a 3006
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    .338 Allen Magnum...WOW!

    Really very impressive at that range
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    Swarovski vs. Zeiss, HELP

    Well the Conquest series is the very basic off the Zeiss if you want Zeiss kindly go for Duralite the quality is superb and very good when the light is fading away you are able to get a few extra minutes and also has a adjustable Red lot.
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    Scopes and rifel

    I just bought a ZIESS Duralite 2x8-42 with adjustable red dot it seems a suburb scope i had been using a SWAROSKY 3x10-42 Mill- dot also, I have a BLASER R-93 professional which ammo would be best suited in this weapon for medium range shooting.
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    These were taken at corbet national park in india

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