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  • Welcome Dusty.
    If you want to find my articles, go to the home page and then click on "our writers" and scroll down a little bit.
    I am weak in knowledge when it comes to Strikers or even Savage products.
    I think that all strikers are small shank, but I would give Savage a call and confirm that before I went any further.
    I would be glad to help.
    my email address is ernieemily @ (no spaces) and my home phone is 307-257-7431 (mountain standard time).
    I will be away from the phone tomorrow, so email would be better for tomorrow.
    Ernie Bishop
    Hello sir, I was pointed in your direction since I think I have gone off the deep end! I picked up a Savage 516 in 243 yesterday and while searching the web I have found a mess of nothing! I would like to ask if it's ok to pick your brain a bit about things like stocks, scopes, mainly right now. I'm thinking and I say that loosly about going with either a 7WSM or 284 Win and throat the chamber so I can seat the bullets out further, my 284 Win rifle I just competed a year or so ago has proved to be a hammer on these Oklahoma deer and without trying too hard I'm pushing the 162 A-Max over 3K fps thought it might be cool to have a rifle and pistol in the same caliber for hunting.

    Well I wanted to touch base with you about if it's ok to bother you from time to time for some advice? thanks for your time and have a wonderful evening. Later,

    I have not personally used the Berger bullets for elk. Darrell Holland used 168 grain 7mm Berger (280 Rem) on a bull elk this year and it worked great. I have only used Berger's on muley's and antelope. Personally, I have not used AB's, but I have friends who have used them with good success.
    I have another question for you. What experiences do you have using Berger bullets on big game ie Elk? Have you used Nosler accuebonds? There seems to be alot of talk about Berger bullets however I have a hard time accepting explosive expanding bullets on big game. I have seen animals lost due to bullets fragmenting on contact not getting to the vitals. That is why I have used Nosler partitions in my 300 win mag for 35 years. I am keeping a opened mind because time and material change. I just want to make a good informed decision getting into longe range shooting at elk.
    Yes, the Huskemaw scope will definitely be good scope, for the 1st time LR shooter. As long as you do your homework to get your drops correct, get the turret properly set-up for your load/gun and then practice out to and beyond your max range from field positions when the wind is your friend and when it is not, you will learn your limitations, and be prepared for the shot of a lifetime.
    First I would like to thankyou for the good article (review) on the Hawkemaw scope. I am considering purchasing a scope for long range elk hunting here in Montana.I have made many one shot kills on elk out to 500 yds, however as always the bull of a life time is always one ridge to far to shoot. I just recently joined this forum to gain info on what scope to purchase. In your opinion would the Huskemaw be a reasonable selection for a first time long range shooter? By that I mean going beyond 500 yds. I shoot a custom built 300 win. mag. on a Sako L61R long action fitted with a Lija 26" SS fluted brl. This brl is throated to seat 180 gr, bullets only neck deep. I would appreciate your answer. Bob
    I need to check my visitor messages more often-Sorry guys for not responding.
    Yes, I used to preach in Spur, TX and yes, we hunted together.
    Mac, Last night was a fairly relaxing evening.
    Monte, Greybeards forum may have some tips for you, and Mike Bellm would be helpful.
    Jon, I have never had a 300 WM pistol. Used to have a 338 WM in an Encore though.

    Spur, Tx.? Just curious, i knew a preacher from Spur Tx. about 15 years ago when i managed a hunting store in Lubbock Tx. He also was an avid shooter, into accurate XP's and rifles.... AND his name was Ernie Bishop....I even went turkey hunting with this it possible that yor are the same person?..Just curious, if so , i wanted to say [email protected]
    Hello Ernie,

    I was wondering if you know of any other good forums dedicated to the TC Contender/Encore platform? I know of Specialty Pistols (focused mainly on pistols) and the 'Single Shots' forum on (seems to have a lot more Ruger #1 & Handi-Rifle content than TC)... any others that come to mind? Mainly looking for someplace to pick the brains of people who specialize in these guns as far as little tips-n-tricks and mods and such.


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