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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Hornady 68 bthp

    I need some 68 hpbt's, will buy or trade with you if you have any you can part with.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wtb: .243 and .224 sierra bullets

    I have 85 Gamekings. I'm looking to trade them though, do you happen to have any Hornady 68 BTHP's?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Unertl 15x Ultra Varmint for Sale

    I have for sale one J. Unertl 15X Ultra Varmint Target Rifle Scope. This scope is in very nice condition. The turrets have good, strong clicks. The scope has a nice finish showing some slide marks. Optics are crystal clear. The adjustable objective functions very smoothly. Comes with front and...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Redding .264 win mag type s dies set FS NIB

    I have a .264 Win Mag. Redding Type S Match die set for sale. Includes a bushing neck sizer, body die and a micrometer seater die. New and unused in the box with all the papers and extra parts/tool. New from Sinclair they go for $253.99 I am asking $205.00 shipped.
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    223AI loads (75gr Amax and 65gr Gamekings)

    Need a load for the 65 and RL-15, anybody gone that route?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED SOLD Badger Ordinance Cosine Indicator

    Re: FS Badger Ordinance Cosine Indicator sold.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED SOLD Badger Ordinance Cosine Indicator

    Re: FS Badger Ordinance Cosine Indicator Price dropped to $125.00 shipped. This is new, unused in the box.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED SOLD Badger Ordinance Cosine Indicator

    For Sale- New in Box The Angle Cosine Indicator(ACI) from Badger Ordnance takes the confusion out of determining shot angle. No need for angle and cosine charts, one simple calculation is all you need. After determining the range to your target, multiply that distance by the...
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    load data for 75 grn a max

    No, never tried it, RL-15 works so well with a variety of bullets I never looked any further.
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    load data for 75 grn a max

    32.5 RL-15 is max in my rifle, very accurate.
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    Which .224 bullet?

    75 amax
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    Neck constriction?

    And would this precise level of constriction be obtained using a bushing type sizer?
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    Neck constriction?

    The context was a guys method for loading .223 AI.
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    Neck constriction?

    Been reloading now for 20 years and thought I had a pretty good handle on most aspects, doing some web surfing can really bring you back down to earth in a hurry though. Anyway saw a reference to .003 neck constriction on another post and was wondering if anybody could shed some light on the...
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    A good long range 22-250 load

    My 1/9'' 22-250 shoots the 60 grain Nosler Partition extremely well so far, the rifle is new so haven't had time to get past 200 yards yet, but things look promising with 1/2 MOA groups using a max charge of RL-15. Another bullet that has impressed me in this particular rifle is the Sierra 65...