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    Spotting Scope

    I can’t get your email to work. Can you resend it please. Or phone number and I can text it to you.
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    Spotting Scope

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    Spotting Scope

    I have a Vortex ,if you are interested
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    223 to 6.5cm bolt action conversion

    Thank you. I have come to that conclusion also. I think I will shoot it as a trainer . And do a build for the big boy. You right it just makes sense .
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    Problem with calcs for 4dof and strelok

    I have had some of the same problems. I had to do the 0 angle calculation vs the 100yd 0, or in your case the 200 yd 0. Also you have to adjust the Axial Form Factor. It may take a few times to perfect it but mine now matches up with to Applied Ballistics App. Also very close to the JBM...
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    223 to 6.5cm bolt action conversion

    Has anyone done a 223 to 6.5cm bolt action conversion? Please share the details with me.
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    Infrared temperature gun?

    I use a ThermoWorks IR laser temperature thermometer for BBQ. It is rated from -75 to 1022 degrees Fahrenheit. It would be very good for your application.
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    Carbon Fiber Barrel Accuracy

    I have a Proof barrel in 6.5 CM . I am having trouble getting 1 moa groups. I’m shooting factory Hornady match ammo. 2720fps anyone have a suggestion!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Tikka T3 Tactical 223

    Would you take a trade for a Trijicon ACOG?
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    Too late to start?

    I am also 60 years old and have been hunting for over 30 years. I’m not one to give marriage , but you are a grown man and don’t need your wife’s permission to go hunting. Yes she might get a little upset, but it’s your life. She doesn’t have to right to be so controlling. Just buy one tag and...
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    223 Trainer-Varmint- just fun rifle ($2150) CHEAP!

    I’ll Take the gun, thank you.
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    223 Trainer-Varmint- just fun rifle ($2150) CHEAP!

    Thank you. I will see if I can come up with the cash. Your price is unbeatable.
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    223 Trainer-Varmint- just fun rifle ($2150) CHEAP!

    Gen 2 tube. About 5 years old. New were $2700. Give me $1500 in trade and the rest cash. Rifle only.
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    223 Trainer-Varmint- just fun rifle ($2150) CHEAP!

    Would you like to make a trade for ANPVS 7 Night Vision Goggles?