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  • Rich. Another question for you. Without buying the Hornady custom dies as of right now what can i use to seat bullets in the Sherman case. I have a .264 mag neck die to do the neck sizing before fire forming but no way to seat the bullet. Can i use a .264 mag seater or a 280 AI seater die?

    Thanks Roy

    I will be building a 6.5 something on a savage platform and was doing research here on LRH when I came across the 6.5 Sherman you talk about. Is there a way to get more specific information about the Sherman? I am specifically looking for information on what type of donor calibre I should be looking for in a Savage rifle. I currently have a .270 that I could use, hopefully I can find another donor rifle though as I found the re-loads that work with this gun quite well.

    I look forward to any response or information you might be able to pass on. Thank you.

    Rich my name is Storm. I have been reading your posts on the 6.5/06, 06ai and your sherman. I am learning alot from these. I have a rem 700 adl 25-06 that is tired and needs a new barrle. I was thinking of redoing in 6.5/06Ai, my guestion for you is this, I read where every one likes 270 brass insead of 25/06. Will 25/06 brass work for the AI veriation? The reson I ask is simply I have alot of it 300+ rounds of once fired and 200+ with sevral reloads on them.
    Thank you Storm from Wyoming
    Rich, It was great talking to you today. Thanks for the information that you provided me with. I am very excited about the numbers we were talking about and am very anxious to see the data from the rifle that your friend built! Keep in touch, Wayne.
    Cliff.....I will try again to post this?
    Here are some powders/loads that you might try. These were with RP cases, CCIBR2 primers, and 140 Bergers. With WW cases you can probably add one grain:
    61-63 grs. RL25......58-60 grs. RL22........58-60 grs. 7828.....57-59 grs. H4831......57-60 grs. WW780......54-57 grs. H4350.....56-58 grs. IMR4831.......59-62 grs. H1000.....53-56 grs. RL17
    I had good accuracy with 56 grs. H4350 at over 3100'. Rl-25 gave very good accuracy and velocity but not so good temp sensitivity. WW780 showed promise with very low ES but I needed more testing. Other possibilities are N160 and N165 loaded similar to 4350 and 4831. and Ramshot hunter at approx. 4831 load. as well as Ramshot magnum around 662-65 grs.
    Let me know how it goes......Rich
    Rich, I would rather send a bit much than not enough. I really appreciate your help.
    I fireformed 20, then loaded 50gr of whatever powder factory 270's have in them, got the shoulders squared out. Loaded 62,62.5,63gr Retumbo/F215 and got them shot before I ran out of light tonight. First group 62gr, 1.4" at 300yds. The others 2" or a little more. Not a very good test as the crosshairs were getting really hard to see in the bad light, but good enough to tell that this dog will hunt!!
    Have you any loads with other powders? A full case of Retumbo doesn't show any signs of being maxed out. I thought maybe H1000 could work even though I haven't had any success with it in anything else. 24 days till Antelope season opens, not alot of days to just play around with it. Cliff
    Rich, sorry i`ve taken so long to reply. Recently married and the lifestyle and prioreties have changed.But that is no excuse for rudeness. Firearms have been put on the backburner for awhile but I will continue with the build at some stage as my wife is keen to hunt and shoot. She is a left handed shooter (recently discovered) and after her first few lessons on targets, I have quickly realised she has a good eye. So now the next rifle purchased will be a left hander.
    Again, sorry about the delay... Regards, Horo.
    I'm curious about your 6.5 Sherman cartridge. have you or anybody that you know of necked it up to 7mm? I'm wondering how much case capacity I'd gain over a standard .280AI if any. If it's been done then somebody out there already has a reamer which possibly I could rent. I'm looking to build a .280AI but would like to push to the absolute limits of capacity with out having to go to a belted magnum and still fit in a standard long action configuration. Thanks, Mike.
    Are you in New Zealand? I live in Northern Idaho near Spokane Washington. I got the message at 3:15 p.m. so I guess we are three hours ahead of you. Call when you can......Rich
    I will do that Rich, a bit worried about calling you in the middle of the night... what State are you in? Ill work out the time zone difference..its 12:15am here now on this reply.
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