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Dec 4, 2008
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rathdrum, id.
Retired Forestry


Official LRH Sponsor, from rathdrum, id.

I do not have a website but feel free to call anytime at 208 755-6723 Sep 23, 2017

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May 21, 2019 at 10:59 PM
    1. NormaMag
      Thanks Rich :)
      Just checked case capacity now, and its identical with yours.96,3-96,5 grains of water :)
      I`m testing retumbo now with 220 Lapua scenar L bullets in Norma brass. Best accuracy load so far is 80 grains of Retumbo for 3000 fps.Will test your Hodgon 1000 load with 215 Berger :)

      Tom Erik
    2. elkaholic
      Wow! That should perform identical to mine. My case capacity is 96.4 grs. of H20. Mine really likes H1000 for accuracy. It won't get you top velocity, but is VERY consistent. I once shot a 1.18" 3 shot group at 880 yards with 80 grs. behind a 208 SXR. It also is very fond of 79 grs. behind a 215 Berger hybrid. Retumbo will get you another 50-75' with about 81 grains for near 3100. RL33 is the top dog for velocity. I shot some 230 Berger OTM's at well over 3100' and reached 3300' with the 215's and ran out of room for powder before max pressure. I use standard primers with the H1000 loads. Either 210's or BR 2's..........Rich
    3. NormaMag
      Hello Rich

      I have made a wildcat very close to yours 30-375 SI.Mine is based on 300 Blaser mag with less body taper and a 37.5 degree shoulder. Case capacity is 95-96 grains of water. My rifle (Sako 75 with a 28" LW 1-9 twist barrel) is just finished, and im ready to start load development in a few days. I can see yours is extremly accurate.What powder do you recommend for the heavier 215, 220 and 230 gr bullets? I was thinking REL 33, but cant get hold of it :/ What about Hodgon 1000, REL 22 or Retumbo? Which gives you best speed and accuracy?

      Brgds Tom Erik
    4. elkaholic
      Wow! I just moved from Rathdrum (Hidden Valley) to Ut. a couple weeks ago
      call me at:208 755-6723
    5. 270 Sender0
      270 Sender0

      I had read through final design and the load data and I'm interested to find out more. I live off of Seltice by the Hockey Rink in Coeur d Alene, I see that your in North Idaho just not sure which town. If there's a chance to check out the 6.5 SS I would like to and find out more about it.....

      I've been looking for a light weight rifle with punch and it seems that you have designed it.

      Steve Jessup

      I tried to put my yahoo email address in but it wouldn't let me....
    6. elkaholic
      My friend has one and it performs well. A little better than the .280 A.I.
    7. BoomStick
      Hi Mate, just been reading about your Sherman cartridges, sound pretty interesting, do you have any info on the 280 Sherman yet? Cheers, Jason.
    8. barnesuser28
      Sorry Rich, i meant the SS. :rolleyes:
    9. barnesuser28
      Hey Rich, i am going to give my smith a call soon here, I will let you know. I saw that you sent it to Rhian, did he tell you how much it was for your smith to be "busy" yet?
    10. Terry Scott
      Terry Scott
      Hurry up already, I want one too !!
      When you get this figured out tell your gunsmith whe might have another customer:)
    11. jwing
      Hey, know you like the Sherman case. Just built a 6.5-06 have you played with the standard much? 140 s
    12. Delta Dash
      Delta Dash
      Rich,just learned of the Sherman and would like to know more about it. Recoil compared to .270? How Many yards until the ft lbs decrease to 1000? Velocity from muzzle to 1000 yds with 140 grain? If possible would like to call you about it. Thanks for your help.
    13. rtsj
      Rich. Another question for you. Without buying the Hornady custom dies as of right now what can i use to seat bullets in the Sherman case. I have a .264 mag neck die to do the neck sizing before fire forming but no way to seat the bullet. Can i use a .264 mag seater or a 280 AI seater die?

      Thanks Roy
    14. rtsj
      Rich. My address is

      Roy Schmidt
      952 Quick Rd.
      Clarksburg, pa. 15725

      Thanks Roy
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