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I do not have a website but feel free to call anytime at 208 755-6723 Sep 23, 2017

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    1. Oldcappj7
      good morning Rich, new to the threads here and live in Reno, NV. area. I would like to rebarrel a pre-64 win in 6.5 Sherman. I don't really have a good smith contact local. Do you have a recommendation on that as well as barrel mfg.etc. Jace Callender
    2. red dawg
      red dawg
      hey Rich, could u post a photo of 270 or2506 and ur shortmag case together?
    3. OKC12LRP
      6.5 SS thread, I'm a new shooter/reloader (243, 6.5cm, 308 & 338LM) very interested in doing your 6.5 SS, ordered an action (big Horn TL3/SA/mag bolt), 6.5mm barrel blank (Krieger 1:8/5r) Norma 7 RSAUM brass, RCBS FL/7 RSAUM (milled 0.105"), neck turning tools and manners stock, do you sell the 6.5 SS dies, shoulder bump gauge and no-go gauge? Or do I need to call Whidden and PTG, chamber reamer (finish reamer?). Thanks, Roger Arens ([email protected])
    4. mountinstuff152
      Hi Rich,
      I was referred to you from a thread on here. I am very interested in the 270 Sherman. What kind of barrel life do you expect with this cartridge? Im not a guy that will string shots together, but I like to go out and shoot a lot and want to build something I can enjoy for quite a while without shooting out the throat, that's why I'm not super interested in the big overbores like the 27 nosler etc. This Sherman sure sounds like a pretty awesome cartridge. Do you sell reamers And dies for this cartridge?

      Thank you!
    5. Downrange308
      Hello Rich,
      I am seeking I formation on reamer rental and reloading dies for the 6.5 Sherman cartridge. Would you mind forwarding me pricing? Also the cartridge does have a 40° shoulder correct?

    6. arkrunner
      Good afternoon. Im really interested in the Sherman. I have a pre 64 standard action and have a Brux barrel ordered should finish at 26'. I have a machinist that has barreled several actions. We are interested in chambering my Brux for the 6.5 Sherman. I will need a set of dies also. Barrel should be delievered in 4-6 weeks. Can you put me on the list for a reamer no-turn.
      Thanks elton
    7. pcon
      Hello rich, I'm new too the forum but have been following your sherman short mag cartridge design for some time. I love the fact it is so efficient and can drive 6.5 and 7mm fast and still maintain accuracy and barrel life. I really want too chamber one in 7mm ss. I wanted too know your thoughts on scaling your design up slight too the 300 norma mag case for use with 30 cal bullets in the 200gr-230gr range by pushing the shoulder back and improving too 40* and having .300+ neck length. There is a case called a 300 skadi which is an improved 300 norma and it has alot of the characteristics of your design but does not need fireforming. How would you go about improving the 300 norma too be more efficient and allow for a shorter case design whilst keeping good speeds.

      I'd like too have a case able too utilities the characteristics off your 6.5 ss only with the heavy 30 cal bullets and be able too get 230gr at around 3050-3150fps comfortable and have great case/barrel life
    8. foggybottombob
      I'm considering a 6.5 Sherman build instead of a 6.5-06. I have a drawer full of .270 brass. Can you tell me where I could find a reamer and loading dies for the Sherman? Would load data from a 6.5 Gibbs be close to the same performance as a Sherman? I assume that brass is formed from .270 Win. Is that correct? Do you have a load you like for your Sherman? I'm thinking about a #4 28" barrel. I mostly want a long range pronghorn rifle. I would appreciate anything you could tell me about the Sherman. I normally use Quick Load but this cartridge is not in the program although they do cover the Gibbs.
    9. elkaholic
      Give me a call anytime......Rich
    10. RevJim
      Sorry I didn't see your reply until today. I live over here in Sandy! I have used Nightowls (Ray Frederico in Taylorsville) for over 20yrs. He has made me some fine rifles. If I decide to go with the 6.5 Sherman I'll sure give you a call. Thanks for the reply! Rev Jim Knight
    11. elkaholic
      I do rent what you need for $40 plus shipping one way. The The Sherman holds more powder than the 6.5 A.I. and therefore will reach higher velocities. I do not do the gunsmithing myself, but will send the reamer to one of your choice. I also sell the custom Whidden dies for $225. They are quality bushing/micrometer type....Rich
    12. RevJim
      Hello sir! Do you rent the reamer/headspace gauges for the 6.5 Sherman? What is the Nosler 280 Ackley Improved necked down to 6.5 called and is it any different than the 6.5 Sherman? Other than that, do you yourself rechamber/fit barrels? thanks Pard, Rev Jim Knight
    13. BJM
      empty your pm inbox rich!! lightbulb
    14. elkaholic
      That is great Tom! It should be a fine cartridge and any of my data should be good in yours and vice versa............Rich
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