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    For Sale Winchester 69 clips

    seconds if not sold. thanks .eastbank.
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    For Sale Winchester 69 clips

    I,ll take them. PM me the info for payment. eastbank
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    Which .264 cal to run 156 Berger’s

    I bought this Winchester .264 with a 1-9 twist and 26" barrel to shoot 140-142 gr bullets at 3000 fps. and it does. I found it at a local gun shop, it was a trade in the same day I bought it at a very good price..
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    Short rifle

    it depends on where you have your peep sight zeroed at and the fps-bullet weight- shape.
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    Short rifle

    your 45-70 with a 300 gr bullet at 2000 fps and a 100 yard zero will be about 12" low at 200 yards and at 300 yards about 43" low. with a 200 yard zero with the same bullet and fps will be about 6" high at 100 yards and and 25" low at 300 yards. I shoot 45-70,s in ruger-Winchester single shot...
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    Short rifle

    my left hand rem sps 7mm08 with a 20" barrel crony,s a little over 2900 fps with 120 nosler BT and varget and shots moa or better on my better days, my longest shots at game with that load were two prong horns. one at 280 yards and one at 310 yards, both were one shot kills with complete pass...
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    H4350 VS IMR4350

    one granule(is not a grain) of imr 4350 in a load of H 4350 will not cause any thing in a normal load for any caliber. as a matter of fact about 25-26 granules of imr 4350 weights about 1 grain. a grain=1/7000 of a pound.
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    New Lightweight Rifle

    Kimber 84L hunter, mine in 3006 with a 2-7x leupold scope 6.4 lbs. and it will shot four rapid shots on a nickle at 100 yards.
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    7 rum?

    I bought a like new inside and out Remington 700 left hand in 7 rum at a steal price with two boxes of factory ammo and found a new set of rcbs dies-shell holder for 30.00. I,m not to interested in 3400-3500 fps, but will shoot the 162 A-MAX at 3000 fps for 500 yard deer with a 6-18x target...
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    Winchester model 12 and ghea Mauser 16g

    my model 12 was a standard model 12 ga made in 1958 and made into a faux trap shotgun with the rib and differend wood added, by the way it shoots very well and I have shot 25-25,s and a few 50-50,s at trap with it. I have turned down 500.00 for it.
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    Winchester model 12 and ghea Mauser 16g

    rib on the Winchester is not factory, its a money maker rib.i have a md 12 with the same rib. not bad, not good, just not factory.
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    Kimber 84L Hunter

    shots while sighting in my Kimber 84L 3006, lower two shoots, next higher two shots and the final two shoots at 100 yards in under five minutes. the first four shots would be under moa with out any scope adjustments, the last two shots were opening up a little. but four shots under moa out of a...
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    .260 vs 6.5 Creedmore

    with heavy bullets in the .260 run N560 with the 142 gr. or go with the 6.55x55 in a cz 550, the magazine box with take a full lenth loaded 3006 and that's 3.340.
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    .260 vs 6.5 Creedmore

    I bought a Remington 700 sps with a 24 " barrel and a 1x8 twist last feb. for 450.00 brand new. with a older leupold 12x AO scope on it, it shoots 120 gr nosler bt bullets and 140 A MAX into moa at 100 yards with boring reguraly.
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    460 S&W Magnum might have too much velocity. See Picture...

    i have a older ruger # 1 in .460 with 22" barrel new in the box I just never got around to shoot as I have ruger # 3 in 45-70 and shoot 300 gr bullets at 2000 fps. its a good killer with out blowing the animals in two.