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    Setting the Hook Once Again...

    I would gladly make the drive from Tennessee again to sit down on the range with you for a while.
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    My new big boy pistol.

    I definitely want to thank Ernie and Randy for helping me get this thing built.
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    My new big boy pistol.

    Decided against the blue tooth scope rings in the above post. And topped her off with a set of double strap weaver rings until my new scope and rings come in. The Yankey custom gun works break definitely tamed the beast. Almost no felt recoil but the bark assures you something violent just...
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    My new big boy pistol.

    Little more work to do then it’s break in time.
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    New to long range pistol, seeking shooting tips and technique online

    I just met Ernie in person the other day. The man is a wealth of knowledge. He can definitely point you in the proper direction.
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    Any thoughts for tikka pistol

    The pistol bug is running rampant these days.
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    My new big boy pistol.

    Break installed. My excitement level is pretty high right now.
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    My new big boy pistol.

    I do have to give credit to Yankee Custom Gun Works in Harvey IA. Randy has taken good care of me. Mods feel free to delete and publicly punish me if not allowed.
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    My new big boy pistol.

    Progress on the XP. Barrel in on and set and the smith is making my break for me. Just one last part to be picked up from Ernie.
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    Anyone You Know?

    I’m about to go hunting with this guy or a clone.
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    My new big boy pistol.

    Well thanks to Ernie in 2 weeks I’ll have me a pretty new stock for my XP.
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    KAK 12.5” barrel

    I think this is the rite place for this. Dose anyone have any experience with the 12.5” Remington 700 barrels from KAK industries. I was considering one for my xp100 but would like to hear from experience.
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    My new big boy pistol.

    Its It’s to late for me. Mine started with Contenders. Then with a lot of phone calls to the 5 letter guys I finally felt comfortable enough ordering a bare mouser action and built my first bolt pistol. It was a dream to shoot in 7x57 and smoked a doe the day after I semi finished it. One of...
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    How did you find us here at

    No keyboard commandos know everything, google foo is for those searching or learning.