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    Night vision coyote.

    Both ATN X-SIGHT 4K models...display screen kept freezing up, the last time I was night hunting, I was on 4 sets, with 5 freeze ups. Returned both scopes and got my money back I even up dated the firmware on both. Junk in my eyes.
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    For Sale FS/FT Howa 6.5creed threaded, xlr chassis with folder

    Would you be interested in a 243AI?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Barnes 30 cal LRX 175g #30318

    2 boxes of 50 (100 ct) $45/bx + $8.50 shipping Both boxes: $100.00...TYD. Paypal F&F preferred. Donald Baldwin Liberty PA 16930 Text...#312-617-4711
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 270 win brass

    Here's my post:
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    Talk to me about .243 Winchester

    It has been said that if you load up a 223 w/Barnes 62g TTSX, it'll hit deer like a 243...and if you...load up a 243 w/Barnes 80g TTSX, it'll hit like 6.5CM. I grew up w/Remington 600 in 6mm and I once asked my gunsmith why my Ruger 22" 243 (sold it) wouldn't group like my Rem 600...he said...
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    Coyote Caliber?

    Update...sifting through all you guys' responses, I have temporarily dropped the AR. Mainly because it's sighted in with a 52g Berger bullet. Once I get a heavier bullet developed (currently don't have any heavy bullets), I'll redlight it up and give it a go. I'm not lugging my 13# Remington...
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    Coyote Caliber?

    Gentlemen, With woodchucks coming out, I plan to use them as coyote bait. I'll be shooting at 50 yards, at night with a red light. My rifle choices are: AR-223, 18" Wydle SS sporter barrel, shooting a 52g Berger FB Varmint. CZ 527 in 223, 22" regular barrel, shooting a 52g Berger FB Varmint...