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    Do you keep OEM rifle boxes?

    Says you🤪 Sell is a four letter word haha
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    Scheels Primers

    Gonna make a Scheels run tonight. See if I get lucky and find something. 😁
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    Scheels Primers

    Can’t remember was $59 or $69 for brick small rifle month ago in WI
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    0-600 yd optic…for basic shooter

    FWIW My last few scopes have been VX-5HD with windplex and CDS. 3-15x44. Light, clear, and enough magnification for that range for sure. Zero stop is nice and can have turret cut. Also windplex reticle makes holding for wind way easier. Past 500 the wind is where I struggle.
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    Hammer Hunter Load Data, (See page 1, Post 8)

    6.8 Western Browning Hells Canyon Long Range 26” plus brake 7.5 twist 156 Hammer Hunter .020 off 2.945 COAL New Winchester brass Fed 215 H4350 labradar 54-2833 55-2877 56-2909 57-2976 58-3015 very faint ejector 59-3075 60-3106 very light ejector 61-3176 light ejector 62-3198 light ejector...
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    6.5 PRC/RL 26

    I run H-1000 in my PRC does well. However if you want to try some RL 26 I would trade pound/pound for H-1000😁
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    SOLD/EXPIRED LEE 6.8 Western Die set

    Sorry I must have bought the only one available
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    SOLD/EXPIRED LEE 6.8 Western Die set

    LEE Precision has some in stock for those looking.
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    Trade maybe.?? Ruger 10-22 stainless FS

    They either cut too big of tree or ran out of steel when they made that I don’t know which. That’s a neat 10-22 never seen one like that.
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    That's a good feeling. Cold Bore Shot.

    I run the 177 HH and now crimp per ButterBean. Look nice and as you’ve shown shoot even nicer.
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    6.5 prc ridgeline

    AG’s are real nice. I put my CA 6.5 in a stockys long range carbon stock I got in sale. I think new stock and bedding it should b a tack driver. Mine was little less than moa with factory ammo and stock. New stock and handloads in one ragged hole. Mine likes the 156 also but running waaaayyy...
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    That's a good feeling. Cold Bore Shot.

    Awesome! Good Luck this weekend! Them Hammers stretched out of the 28 case are dead sexy 😁
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    338 Lapua, Christensen?

    FWIW. I have an ELR 300 rum 220 eldx bugholes. ELR in 28 Nosler 162 eldx consistent 5/8. Ridgeline 6.5 PRC bugholes with 156 eol 1/2 consistent with 143 eldx I did change the stock on ridgeline to a carbon stockys and bedded it. ELRs I just keep feeding. No experience with their steel barrels.
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    Best video on how to quarter elk?

    I stole one of my sons snow sleds and tied a rope to the front and back and ran laces down center. Set quarters under laces cinched tight. One guy pulls/steers one holds it back. Worked great. Finally gave out last year. Boys might be missing there new sled next month😁