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    Brand new 7 Saum build done!

    Very nice build, looking forward to hearing on how it shoots and what you are shooting for a load.
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    Hunting stock recommendations. HELP!!!!

    I really like my Gunwerks Magnus gen II
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    Just Got my Kampfeld Customs Rifle!!!

    Very nice, looking forward to hearing of how it shoots.
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    New LRH Gun - Gunwerks or Custom Build from SAC

    I received my Gunwerks Magnus in earlyJuly. Mounted a SFP ATACR 5-25. I really like the adjustable recoil pad for shooting prone. I ordered it with their directional muzzle brake and it is very manageable to shoot. 300 RUM with 230 A Tips. Action feels smooth and ejects loaded and empty...
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    30 caliber 245 grain Berger - New Rifle Build

    Sounds like a great build to me. Try some N570 under that bullet.
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    First trip to Saskatchewan, looking for advice

    Any chance your booked with Spirit Creek Outfitters?
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    230 A TIPS in 300 RUM

    I was not concerned about the 40 fps I lost vs the handling. Just a personal choice, when its time for a new barrel I will re consider barrel length. I do have another 300 RUM with a Proof CF barrel and 9.4 twist and a 26'' barrel.
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    230 A TIPS in 300 RUM

    I have not yet recovered any.
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    230 A TIPS in 300 RUM

    They are .0955'' off the lands
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    230 A TIPS in 300 RUM

    Break is the Gunwerks directional. The rifle has minimal felt recoil. The stock design has a lot to do with it.
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    230 A TIPS in 300 RUM

    This load has been exceptional for myself. 91.5 gr N570, new Norma cases. COAL 3.80'' Federal 215 primers. 9 twist 24'' Proof carbon fiber barrel . single digit ES.3030 fps average. 5 three shot groups at 100 yards ranged from .326'' to .515'', 3'' group at 750 yards. Rifle is a Gunwerks Magnus...
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    210 berger at close range

    300 RUM with 210 Berger VLD MV 3122fps, 2018 bull moose at 98 yards The bull never took a step. Bullet passed thru after exploding the heart.
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    Finished 300wm build

    Very nice, are you going to run a muzzle break?
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    Gunwerks climbr vs Christensen summit Ti vs custom

    I don't think you can go wrong with either the Christensen Summit or the Gunwerks, if I already had 2 Christensens on the rack I would try the Gunwerks to so I would know first hand how one would perform.
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    What is your favorite .300RUM load?

    Nosler brass Federal 215 primer 210 Berger Hunting VLD 93 gr VV N570 3122fps validated Proof Research 26'' carbon wrap 1 in 9.4 twist I cant remember how far off the lands I seat them

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