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    How did you find us here at

    Knew of this site long before becoming a member. A query about a product and the subsequent answers from the other members about it led me to join up and contribute. That's how I got here.
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    New guy from the RVA

    Just got here...sorry it took me so long. (funny) I'm Duke from Richmond, VA. I dont post much wherever i go, but i'm usually around. Groundhog hunter, sporting clays addict and general shooter. Thanks for having me.
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    Will your next rifle scope be MOA or MIL? **OLD POLL**

    Have two MIL ret / MOA knob scopes and like them for what they were intended for, but, think i will go MIL/MIL for the next one. IF a correction is needed on a miss it's a quick dial and dump.

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