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    Giveaway Contest - 5 Quigley-Ford Long Range Hunting Rifle Scopes

    "Enter Me In The Quigley-Ford Scope Contest"
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS Millett 6-25x56 Buck Gold Riflescope

    Send me a PM. Perhaps we can work something out.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED SPF Millett LRS1 6-25X56 35mm tube $350.

    Is the scope still available. I would like to have it for my Model 70 in 308. Thank you
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    Re: Bushell Elite 4200 6-24, New Burris Zee rings, New Butler Creeks Do you still have the Bushnell? Is that a 1" or 30 mm tube? Thank you.
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    Re: 3 BNIB Millett Scopes (10x50 ($240) and 6-25x56 ($280) Pittsburgh, PA) Thank you. I will be in touch. I think I am more interested in the lighted reticle. David
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    Long range scope for .308 under $350???

    I just wanted to thank everyone for their input. I have installed a Bushnell Elite 4200 on my Model 70 Stealth in 308 but I still have to equip a Model 70 in 338, a Model 70 in 7MM Rem Mag and a Model 70 Coyote Light in 270. Yes, I am a Winchester fan, collector. If any of you have of those used...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Few things for sale

    Sorry to hear about the accident so I am almost embarassed to ask but as a father of two I have to watch my money too. The 243 Win FL dies are $36.95 new at Sinclair's. Let me know if they stick around and perhaps the price might drop. I do not own a 243 yet but I am shopping so the need for...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wts Redding #3 power measure- Reloading Dies

    Is the powder measure still available? David
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    Re: Nikon Monarch 6.5-20, Bushell Elite 4200 2-24, Leupold Compact 2-7 Is the Nikon FFP and is the warranty transferrable? I want a long range deer hunting scope that will also be suitable for 300 yard competition without breaking the bank. Sounds like this is the scope for me. I can't see the...
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    Barska Scope users/reviews?

    Thank you for your input. Your reply is what I was expecting. I know there a few members who have had good results but it seems the members here and at 6mmbr have the same opinions. I think I will opt for a Vortex. Thanks again.
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    Long range scope for .308 under $350???

    What are the specs on the Millet and how much? Would you happen to have any input on the Barska scopes? A lot of scope for the money but how can they do it so cheap?
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    Barska Scope users/reviews?

    I know we are supposed to support those who advertise on this site so the rest of us can enjoy each others information and advice at no cost and I try to do so. The question I have is are there any hunters/300 yard BR shooters using Barska scopes and how are they working? How can they offer so...
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    Camera Land Give Away - Zen-Ray Binoculars

    "Enter Me In The Camera Land Zen-Ray Binocular Contest."