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    My biggest mule deer ever

    I just got back from the Wyoming range. I don’t have horses so I hiked, and that was a mistake. Dislocated my left shoulder yesterday morning and my deer hunt was over. You did great and it’s wild country up there. You don’t have to be older to need horses. I’m 41 and they are a must up...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Fierce Rival - 300 PRC, NF, Case

    Practically brand new Fierce Rival in 300 PRC with new matching SKB case and NF NX8 2.5 x 20 scope with illuminated reticle with new NF rings, 50 rounds fired. Bipod is not included. Shoots .67” at 200 yards with factory ammo. No trades and I’m not selling the scope Seperate as of now...
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    Fierce Firearms - Pretty **** GREAT

    Meet Betty! She’s my new gal. New as in only 26 rounds down the tube new. This a the new Rival chambered in 300 PRC and after round 25 the safety broke and stuck on fire. Yeah brand new and only 25 rounds. The Rival is their new 700 clone with a Trigger Tech trigger. Keep in mind the rifle...
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    Fierce rifles??

    Just picked up my first fierce, a Rival in 300 PRC. Fit and finish is excellent and I have no doubt it’ll be a lights out shooter. I can’t believe how light it is compared to the GW and other customs I’ve had. Very impressed!
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    NX8 2.5-20 for sale or trade

    PM sent
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Gunwerks Magnus w/ NF ATACR 5x25 F1

    Brown sand finish. I just double checked my original invoice. ...seriously though it's tan.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Gunwerks Magnus w/ NF ATACR 5x25 F1

    Tan, I think some might call it mcmillan tan, but it's just tan.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Gunwerks Magnus w/ NF ATACR 5x25 F1

    Throwing in $200 roughly of factory ammo BNIB as well to sweeten the deal.

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