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    168 Berger Classic Hunters

    Turkeys and TSS reloading takes up my spring time. Finally getting back to the 7mmSTW project. Just wondering if you might be shooting those 180gr Bergers through a 9:1 twist barrel? Curious to see what is the heaviest bullet that will stabilize in my 26” Brux 9 twist barrel. I have acquired 3...
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    Bullet Weight for Deer Hunting

    The one buck I killed with an Accubond 140gr hand load ran about 30 yards. Shot him @ 40yds with meat-saver bullet placement behind the shoulder. 7mm entrance. No exit wound. Bullet essentially disintegrated with jacket found under offside hide.
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    7-08 Help

    My daughter and I have killed many good bucks with 168gr Berger Classic Hunters loaded with 46.5gr RL19/Win LR primers/Win brass. That load shot sub-3/4" 5 shot groups in 4 different rifles and didn't matter if it was jammed .020" or jumped .020". All pass throughs with big holes and very short...
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    Kicks Choketubes

    Yes sir I do! Pm sent.
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    TSS Turkey Loads

    Browning 20ga 3” 1.5oz TSS #7&9 blend $35/box Federal 12ga 3.5” 2.25oz TSS #9 $50/box
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    Shipping Loaded Ammo UPS New Requirements 2021

    My permanent residence is in Augusta, GA and I have shipped quite a bit of loaded ammo recently. The UPS Customer Center in Augusta is open 8am-7pm. It amazes me at the significant amount of ammo packed in a fairly small box that can be shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. for just $9.65. I...
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    Browning 20ga TSS Turkey Loads

    Still have about 15 boxes of these 20ga Browning TSS 7&9 loads. Devastating turkey loads!
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    Federal 12ga TSS Turkey Loads

    3.5” Federal TSS #9s are still available.
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    Burris SpeedBead Mount

    Any interest at all in a SpeedBead? I have no real use for it right now.
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    Kicks Choketubes

    Thank you!
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    Burris SpeedBead Mount

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    Kicks Choketubes

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    Federal 12ga TSS Turkey Loads

    3.5” are still available.
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    Kicks Choketubes

    PM sent.