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    Stiff chambering

    check your crimp depth. i had the same problem, i set the bullet depth and then set the crimp. unfortunately when i reset for the bullet depth the bullet pushed down on the case and bulged the shoulder and then the shells would not chamber.
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    165gr .308 8208xbr concerns

    well, after looking at several loads and bullet combinations i looked at the bc of each bullet and tried to come up with something close. then all the blogs and forums i looked at had a varying max so i ran them up and watched for signs of overpressure. i had 168 ballistic silvertips up to 44gr...
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    165gr .308 8208xbr concerns

    i was in the process of developing a load for hunting. i am using nosler 165 gr accubond. imr 8208 xbr nosler cases cci primers. i have not found load data for this combination so i started low and worked up. i started at 37 grains of powder and went up to 47gr. 44gr. showed the most promise...