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    the "ultimate sniper stock"

    hey robinstan, I have one for sale that will fit a Remington 700 long action if that is what you are looking for. I bought for an up coming project and I went with a different action, so I don't need it. Just to see what it was like, i mounted a barreled action and shot it from the bench. I...
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    scope base shims

    Does it make sense to shim the rear base on a two piece base? I would like to gain some scope elevation, but I think this might put some undue stress on the riflescope. What do you guys think?
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    .22-250 AI, .22-6mm or .243

    Thanks for all of the responses. Who cares if you start a ****ing match, none of this is set in stone, just each person's thoughts. Fiftydriver, the reason I went these, is I have a short action. What about a 6-284? Should be about the same as a 6-06? I don't mind recoil, but I like the smaller...
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    87 V-Max Entrance bigger than exit

    I have been shooting V-Maxes out of all of my varmint rifles(.22-250,.243 and .25-06). On all of the yotes I have taken only one has left an exit hole. I try and shoot right behind the shoulder or straight on chest shots. These two shoots have the least chance of hitting bones. If what you said...
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    .22-250 AI, .22-6mm or .243

    Want a round for 500-600 yards for deer/antelope/yotes. Thinking .22-250 AI, .22-6mm or the good ol .243. With the new 65gr from Sierra, should be good for deer/antelope. Has anyone tried the 75gr A Max on larger animals? I have a .25-06, but would like another rifle for a back-up. I have dies...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED .22 cal bullets

    [ 10-08-2004: Message edited by: doubleD ]
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    SOLD/EXPIRED .22 cal bullets

    1 box 52 gr. A-Max $11 2 boxes 50 gr. V-Max factory rejects $6 per box 3 boxes 55 gr. V Max factory rejects $6 per box sold 1 box 40 gr. Barnes VLC $10 1 box 40 gr. Nosler $12 1 box 40 gr. Nosler $9 95 bullets traded last .22 centerfire cleaning off reloading bench. Thanks, [ 10-08-2004...
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    Switch barrel rifles

    I don’t have the funds to buy what ever rifle I would like to have. I am thinking about switch barrel rifles. Two come too mind, T/C Encore or a Savage bolt action. I am thinking the T/C would be easier to switch barrels in the field, would like some feed back from anyone who has a switch barrel...
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    read this , it upset me

    I work for a large outdoors company and get to speak with these types of people all the time. One guy killed a yote at a mile with a .17 remington. No rangefinder!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Weaver Grandslam 6-20x40

    Weaver Grandslam 6-20x40, no box, has light marks from scope rings. Has the the fine duplex with dot, $275. Thanks,
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    25-06 Any One???

    This has been one of my favorites for the last several years. Shooting 75gr. V-Maxes, 50gr, of Varget avg. of 3721 with ext spread of 36 fps. The second 60gr of IMR 4831 I get 3957 with ext spread of 69 fps. Wonderful results on pd's and yotes. Going to try some 100gr Matchking's and some Nosler...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Choate Ultimate Sniper Stock

    $130 with shipping or best offer. Thanks again.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Choate Ultimate Sniper Stock

    Fits 700 Long Action. As new in the box. Had action in the stock, but never used in the feild. Thanks, Daryl
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    Remington 700 BDL

    Take the filler screws from the scope mount holes and put them in the holes from the sights. They will go in flush. From a short distance, you can't tell they are in there.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 3200 Elite price reduced

    scope is sold. thanks