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    Favorite platform for hunting hogs?

    You seem to be asking about two different things from the thread title and how you want to use it. So you want a truck/4 wheeler rifle? I think your best option would be a shorter barreled bolt action, say 16" and in a goodly sized caliber such as .308. The reason why I am suggesting a bolt...
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    People who hunt with thermals

    Actually, fusion thermals have been available commercially for a few years and were in development roughly 20 years ago. Pulsar is a latecomer in the grand scheme.
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    People who hunt with thermals

    Thermals don't care if it is day or night. That is 100% true. I have done a goodly amount of daylight thermal hunting over the years, but for hogs, that isn't my most productive time. However, I will often start an hour or so before dark and if hogs come out in daylight, it isn't a problem...
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    "That's Quite A Shot."

    I still amazed at leads and I shoot a lot of running hogs.
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    Humpback Hog (NASTY)

    That depends on the locally available resources, density of hogs in the immediate area, and where they are traveling, etc. They may become aware of the feeder quite soon, but not not frequent it immediately. If you are smart and put up a feeder in an area with active/recent hog sign, the hogs...
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    "That's Quite A Shot."

    Okay, I just thought this was fun. All the planets and stars aligned for me to make a follow-up on a runner that could not have been more perfect. You can hear my exclamation of disbelief after the shot. The video is a tad long, so you can FF to the shot at about 3:04 in the video to the...
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    Hog durability question

    LOL, not a kill shot. Thank you Captain Obvious. I believe that was apparent from the description. However, you will find folks that will claim up and down that at "behind the ear" shots kill hogs. I mentioned the examples because there is very little behind the ear other than muscle tissue...
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    Hog durability question

    6.5 Grendel, Hornady SST 123 gr. factory ammo. Both shots were less than 100 yards. The worst was where I blew a gaping hole out of the neck behind the head, but above the spine. The hog was down and stunned, but still breathing, blinking and as I walked up to it, it followed me with its eye...
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    Hog durability question

    I have killed two hogs that previously had been shot "behind the ear" where the hogs had survived and the wounds healed. Here is one example... I have downed at least two more myself where the hog was obviously just stunned from the shot and I still had to put it down with another shot that...
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    New to Night Hunting

    How "long" is a little to vague of a question. All electronics will fail eventually. The higher the recoil you put them through, the shorter their lifespan. Most are rated for .308 Win. Some are rated for more. I know a guy that runs his Pulsar thermal on a shotgun. It is rated for the...
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    New Super Yoter-R Thermal and First Hog Kills

    Recently, I have had the opportunity to field test a prototype of the new Bering Optics Super Yoter-R (rifle) thermal weapon sight. This is a pretty nifty little I-ray core 640 resolution optic. I have now had it out for several hunts and my hunting partner has used it on a couple more and we...
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    Best Night Vision Scope for under $2000

    If you are using digital NV, there are some that had/have trouble seeing the 940 nm IR illumination. Also, even if they can see 940 nm, 940 produces a shorter throw for the same amount of power than they typical 850 nm that most scopes come with. People want to use the 940 nm because it is...
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    16 pigs down

    Very good! You need not be mad at the pigs to have a reason to kill them, even if they weren't eating your corn. Killing pigs benefits the local community. You won't find a sane rancher or farmer who would be upset with you for what you did. You might find a few jealous hunters, but that...
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    Night vision options

    Well, that is how digital works. You are getting digital zoom and not optical zoom. With that said, few folks even use that much magnification. At $500, it is really pretty darned cool for what you get!
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    Best Night Vision Scope for under $2000

    ATN has the worst CS reputation of all the companies. When their scopes work, they work well. When they don't, it can be a nightmare to get serviced. The Thors have more features than the RXQ30V, however, but Pulsar has a reputation for excellent customer service. The problem with all three...