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    Advice on duffel for packing on mule

    In my experience, a 90L bag on a guided hunt is more than enough room. Plus, you’ve usually got a small daypack either on you or hanging off the saddle horn. Have fun!
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    Real Hunters?

    I’m more of a blind squirrel hunter; every once in awhile I find an acorn. 😂
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    Hiding your stink

    Long range pistols are on my short list for sure. This forum is bad for my bank account.
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    .224 44 Hammer Hunter for Whitetail?

    Go look up pickens72 and his experience slinging 22 cals at deer. Dude makes me want a warp speed 22 like nobody’s business.
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    Hiding your stink

    **** bro…. Wolves with a bow….you got some brass balls my friend!
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    22 creed 73gr Absolute hammers!

    Oops. Yea that’s the one I was referring to. That 73 is screaming. I need one of those lasers in the stable. I got a spare long action that needs a new barrel…..
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    22 creed 73gr Absolute hammers!

    Has anybody played with the .224 80 grain hammer at warp speed?
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    🔰 Tell us about a unique hunting experience!

    Not my story, but a buddy’s grandpa was out hunting whitetail one year and needed to relieve himself. He leaves his stand and wanders down the hill a ways, digs himself a cat hole and gets down to business. Couple minutes later a nice buck walks out, so with his pants still around his ankles...
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    Bergara Wilderness Ridge or Savage 110 High Country

    As others have said, you can’t go wrong with the tikka. There’s also plenty of aftermarket mods if you choose to pursue that. Gotta say though, my x-bolt in 300 wsm is the most accurate factory rifle I’ve ever shot, putting 3 shots in an inch or so at 300 yards with the Norma 165 loads...
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    Canned "Recreational Oxygen" for elevation sickness?

    For what it’s worth, we have a cabin at 7400 feet and keep canned oxygen on hand. It doesn’t really help with acute ams, but it does alleviate light symptoms, especially with older folks. Not medical advice, but it’s a lightly kept secret that a number of mountaineers (think Everest and k2)...
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    Solo backpackers ???

    Yea I steer clear of the emerald triangle, which is a shame since there’s good black tail country in there. Go north, the trinity alps are calling.....
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    For all you 30-06 owners, what bullet are you using?

    110 ttsx over 58.5 ramshot tac at about 3450. Works wonders.
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    Heavy for caliber vs. high velocity monos

    I used to shoot 110 ttsx’s out of my 30-06 at about 3400 or so. Killed deer with authority. Never recovered a single bullet, regardless of angle. I’m now moving on to the 124 hammer in my 300wsm, which Butterbean has kindly lent me some advice on. Haven’t had a chance to make it to the range...
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    Bullet puller

    Thanks Bamban, saw your post after I posted mine. That’s a good tip.
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    Bullet puller

    You guys have any issues overcoming factory crimp with these? I’ve been struggling with some Norma ammo..... I raised the round through the top of my press, clamped on the bullet with vice grips and all it did was leave gouges on the bullet - I clamped down pretty hard. I only want the brass...