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    CA Ridgeline vs Tikka T3x

    I bought my T3X 300 WM last spring just after they changed the twist rate from 1:11 to 1:10. It shot 1” groups right out of the box as advertised. I asked Steve Davis @ Hammer what bullet he would recommend d and he suggested the 174 Hammer Hunter loaded out to mag length (3.370”) which is...
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    300WSM or 300 mag ?

    Peterson makes both a standard (belted) 300 WM case and a long case which seats on the shoulder…your choice …and the quality is “top notch”…
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    50 caliber muzzleloader bullets

    I followed Randy Wakeman’s advice and found 95.2 gr. (wt) 136 gr. vol. of BH 209 behind a 300 gr. Parker Max Hunter works well but I needed to experiment with the sabots and found the #150 black Harvester loaded easily and improved accuracy in my Remington 700 Ultimate. I will be using this...
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    PA monster

    Just read in Bugle, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation publication that PA has about 1000 elk, Kentucky has 11,000!
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    Switching to hammers, strip barrel?

    I only shoot 174 Hammers and 178 Cayugas in my T3X in 300 WM and usually clean The barrel with Patch Out with no signs of copper. I saw a post on this site which recommended Bore Tech for copper removal….tried it and was amazed at how much copper (blue) was removed before the patches came out...
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    Going to pick up a muzzy, had to give up archery. Advice needed

    I’ve had 18 months to plan my muzzleloader hunt in NM in a couple of weeks, so I’ve researched your question a bit. I settled on a 50 cal. Remington 700 Ultimate and 95 gr, by weight (136 gr. volume) of Blackhorn 209 powder, with a Harvester #150 sabot and a 400 gr. Parker Black Max projectile...
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    Hammer Ammunition

    Great news Steve…you and your associates at Hammer Bullets have earned your success with a reputation for great products and excellent service …
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    New guy

    Welcome …lot’s of great info and dialog on your favorite subject here…tell us more about what rifles/calibers you enjoy shooting ..bench/long range/hunting, etc.
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    Interesting Fact about Black Bears

    Yep, my fishing buddies and had to sleep like “sardines” in our 18’ boat one night in northern Quebec years ago after a black bear raided our camp…he swatted the tent and tore it right near my head as we were sleeping..”a rude awakening” to be sure
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    Peterson 300 WM - Std Length vs. Long - Initial Data & Impressions

    Thank you for your thorough reporting. I have been a Peterson believer for several years after using their cases for my .308 Winchester. I too have been waiting for their 300 WM cases and was fortunate to purchase 100 short cases in June. As a Pennsylvanian, I am proud of Peterson and their...
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    Hammer Bullet Crimp

    I’ve already run my previously uncrimped loads through my Lee Crimper starting with 1/8th turn and will see how she shoots, then adjust from there if necessary.
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    Hammer Bullet Crimp

    Very helpful…Bean, are you in synch with these instructions or do you have other recommendations? Thanks
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    Hammer Bullet Crimp

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    Savage Shadow 300 WM trouble

    Try Hammers they are very insensitive to jump…My Tikka T3X in 300 WM has a max coal of 3.370 because of mag length. So the 174 Hammers jump .201” and it regularly shoots 1/2” to 3/4” groups using 76 gr. H4831sc @ 3050 FPS.