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    Time for the truth

    Welcone too the forum stef-han... I like too kid around since there are too many pepole in the world that take life too seriously... Nice looking critters by the way,,, yum yum... Yuppers,,, this is a great forum of folks from around world,,, if there is something that you dont agree with...
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    Too late to start?

    Just getting my Fat Flying Pig number II power bike sorted... Its the pillow of off road,,, a bit of pedaling at my choosing,,, or power up if it makes life simple Taller handle bars and a pack system too be added,,, we tested these engines up too 700 lbs of pulling load using a 10/48 gear...
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    Too late to start?

    A pedal bike or power bike at our choosing,,, or boots on the ground !!! Just a plain old steel frame bike that sat in the barn for 27 years... Now its back at it with Middle age pork Chop Don... The best part about this build isnt the engine,,, its actually the 13 inch fat @zz seat...
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    Too late to start?

    Good on you Zeke and everyone,,, thats what really counts,,, make part of the day ours,,, at least try too get moving a little bit... Easy for some folks,,, a bit more challanging for others... Some folks can run a 100 too 120 miles in the mountains in 24 hours in broken down sets,,, others...
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    Im in Western Canada... The economy is pretty much on a stand still... Those that have a job are lucky indeed... Oil patch jobs are down... Some oil patch services are going,,, no new wells on the books... Farming is a go,,, logging will get going this winter,,, but North of the 49th is in the...
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    Too late to start?

    I took on the power bikes and standard bikes this year in the mountains... No rock star here,,, just doing my own thing... Built 8 power bikes and kept my hard core mountain unit stock Do what we can do,,, at least try that is... Ha... Push the edges at our choosing,,, relax when we...
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    New ELR Record, Have You Seen This?

    Thats awesome... Alot of this shooting stuff will benift all of us down the road... 👍👍
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    Too late to start?

    Start off with in your means... Keep it simple and enjoy what works out... Many of us started with worn out hand me downs,,, if you enjoy it,,, step up the game plan from there... Being in the moment is well worth the effort one would think,,, if you really want to give it a go... Im sure...
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    270wsm vs 30-06 vs 280ai

    Youll enjoy any of the 3 in your list 308,,, keep it simple and go knock down some critters... Maybe you'll get lucky and find something a bit closer to... A win win for sure... Don
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    Getting in mountain shape with no mountains around?

    Get at it 3 X's what you expect,,, you'll know if you got the conditioning you needed when you get to the hills... Either your ready to steep out of your comfort zone or not... Only you will able to find that out or not... Cheers from the North
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    Well finally did it...sold all my reloading stuff !! Anyone else shooting factory ?

    Ill probably do the same thing when my time comes... Age,,, the time,,, the limited hunts,,, plinking once in a while with the rimfire ... I see a day when my reloading days come to an end... Ha... I just don't know when it will happen
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    You think guns and ammo is expensive?

    $3 Cnd funds per barrel up here in the North... Coke Oil that is... So a Barrel of oil is cheaper then a small can of beer... Somethings not right... Our Western Canada patch is pretty much on a stand still,,, the oil sands project has to keep going since they are to big to shut down... 750...
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    Hitting a softball at 1000 yds

    14.5 moa of wind up in our parts at 900 meters on a good day,,, 22.8 moa on the windy days... Aint no one hitting a soft ball on days like that,,, unless you get lucky that is... Dial over and catch the winds at full value,,, Lol. I end up breaking the trigger just as the winds drop off...
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    My new hunting rifle

    That is 1 nice,,, no,,, awesome looking rifle... Who would no like a mix of cold iron and real wood... It makes my rig look sick,,, Ha Same here with this barrel,,, a 2.8 contour which is 1mm thicker then a factory Remington sporter barrel...
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    Hitting a softball at 1000 yds

    It could be done,,, but the word """"consistently with a hunting rifle""" leaves alot to wonder... So what kind of hunting rifle,,, and what is really ment by consistency... Is this every shots all the time,,, or once in a while... Ha Just asking... One would think that consistency is every...