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    A Couple of Soggy Dogs

    Good read and great pictures.
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    RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Review By Jim Brown

    I have been thinking of getting one and this is all great information. My question is , does room conditions such as air currents, people walking , vibrations or anything else have an effect on it. Someone told me that their's (not RCBS) reguired a pretty sterile enviroment to operate...
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    Do you reload your own coyote ammo or shoot factory? Whats your favorite load?

    I got a good one worked up using a 50 nosler bt with 39 grof H380. Dogs just drop.
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    Bolt cleaning ?

    It's a Jewel trigger and I haven't done anything to it. Thought it might have something to do with the trigger but not sure. After I worked the bolt it was fine. I think I will clean the bolt to start with and see if it does it again. Thanks for the reply's.
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    Bolt cleaning ?

    Rem 700. The not cocking has me thinking I need to clean.
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    Bolt cleaning ?

    Was wanting to know how often you all clean your bolts. Had an issue today while shooting with the bolt not cocking. I worked it a few times and then didn't have any othe problems with it. I am now looking for the video on taking the bolt apart.
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    Mill or moa

    I like the mil. If I look at the target and see that I hit .4 mils off center I just adjust .4mils. If I can get onto it anyone can. It's just my opinion nothing else.
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    Thoughts on this medium range set up

    You will be fine. I took my first elk in wy. this fall with a 308. using 168 gr bergers with 44.2 gr of rl15. One shot at 382 yards. He went about thirty yards and was done.
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    First day out, ever. Questions

    I try to give a spot at least a week or more between stands. I also don't hunt a place that has been deer hunted real hard until is has rested for awhile. I think you will learn more using the mouth call's starting out. I have the FX3 but I catch myself over calling and switching sounds way...
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    rem vs savage looking for opinions

    I have been looking for awhile at the model 10 in 260. Lots of opinions out there, most say they are real shooters out of the box. My problem is I don't really like the way they look. It's something with the way the bolt sticks out the back. I did shoulder one the other day and it seemed like it...
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    Need chronograph

    Want to get one but don't want to spend an arm and a leg. It doesn't have to have everything, just the basics. Was wondeing what would be a good one to start with. Thanks
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    1st Wyoming Bull

    I fianally drew a tag for Area 31,after 4 or 5 years of trying. We were watching this draw from the next ridge over when this one came out. First spotted him at 620 yards when he came out of some timber into a good size clearing. I was lucky that he took his time going across the opening, as it...
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    Give Away Contest - Huskemaw Blue Diamond 3-12 Rifle Scope

    Enter me in the Huskemaw Scope Contest
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    1st Wyoming Bull

    Got my 1st bull on opening day.