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    Giveaway Contest - 5 Quigley-Ford Long Range Hunting Rifle Scopes

    "Enter Me In The Quigley-Ford Scope Contest"
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    GIVE AWAY CONTEST - "How To Dope The Wind - Beyond Belief" Video

    "Enter Me In The How to Dope the Wind - Beyond Belief Video Contest" Does anyone make a scope where the Parallex and the focus are not one in the same? With time when I focus a scope the parallex is way off.
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    Rebarreling a Rem.?Best Caliber Choice?

    You can actually rechamber the current barrel in 22chetah MKI and get the speed you are looking for. I have a 700 rem, was a 22-250 varment, I rebarreled it with a Hart barrel with a 1 in 16 twist. I burned it out on prarie dogs, rebarreled it with a Morrison 1 in 15 twist. Very fast.