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    CZ all terrain

    Does anyone have experience with the CZ upland ultralight all-terrain in 20ga? I own a 12 and 20 Browning and love them but, they're fair-weather guns I need one for crappy weather and duck hunting on occasion. I will settle for a semiauto if need be but I love the simplicity of an o/u.
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    240 Weatherby barrel for encore

    You've got to show us a video of you shooting that thing!!! With 06 powder charge in a 15" barrel, it's got to be a fire breathing dragon.
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    hunting pistol

    For dirt cheap you might find a traditions pistol in 243win used, they were around $300 new a few years ago. I'm not sure if they are still in production but would be a great start without breaking the bank. The Thompson Center Encore or Contenders are solid choices and can be found in a bunch...
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    How many of you guys use a 308 Winchester for big game?

    168A-max has cleanly taken many a deer in my neck of the woods, and a few coyotes as well. The longest to date with a rifle was 525yd and she was bang flop, with the touch lower velocity from the pistol that load will be spectacular. But, shhhh don't tell them you're using a "target bullet" they...
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    How far can you connect?

    Worst miss was on a doe about 40yd I exploded a cedar limb that I couldn’t see through the scope. Missed a nice buck with a 30-30 the next year I’m talking 50yd max I just blew the shot still not sure how. Longest shot was a doe at 525yd with my 308, I had been shooting all year and knew my...
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    Nosler m48

    I've got the encore and that's got me hook line and sinker. I had some deer come out at the edge of my field and hang up until too dark to shoot last night. If I had a bipod and rifle scope I'd be smoking back straps instead of fighting the wind and rain today.
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    Contender 223 ??

    You could hand load some 110-125gr bullets and pick up some more speed. The bullets designed for 300blk should be soft enough to work at pistol speeds but hold up enough for deer. Your still looking at 200yd before dialing or holdovers but at 2500ish fps it should stomp them pretty good. I'm...
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    Nosler m48

    Has anyone played with one of these yet? Would there be any advantage to going this route vs building off another action? I've got a couple rem700 but looking for a better fit an finish than an off the shelf gun usually provides. I don't have to have full custom builds but want something nice. I...
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    6mm rem barrel

    My 243win from a 15" factory encore barrel slings 80gr speer hot core quite well. I've killed whitetail out to 250yd and so far been impressed with the terminal performance. A few more fps will be icing on the cake, just prepare for a good fireball. My barrel doesn't have a brake and slings...
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    25-06 opportunity

    The Tika t3 can be had for $500 new. The ones I've handled have been decent rifles just aren't my cup of tea. The only Nikon scope I've used has been a monarch 1.5-6x, it's been a good one for me. That particular model I can't give you any info on but they have stopped making scopes and if you...
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    My dad wants a new rifle.

    Is the rifle just for hunting or do you do a bit more shooting than double-checking a zero the week before season? What type of hunting stand or stalking? Is weight and barrel length going to be a factor? Will this be a rifle that's kept in the family for years to come or is it going to be...
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    Whitetail, shooter? Or would you pass?

    If you'd shoot him on the last day of the hunt, shoot him on the first day.
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    6.5-284 Borden Alpine clone XP-100 works great on mule deer

    Congrats on another successful hunt.
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    Contender 223 ??

    If you've already got the 30-30 barrel look at lever revolution rounds, I think they're 160gr. They'll give you a little better bc than flat point bullets but you're still looking at 200ish yards unless you dial for elevation. A 223rem and 55gr sp from a super 14 barrel have killed many a deer...
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    Kentucky Squirrels

    In between rainstorms today took the new to me MK4 out and put her through her paces. I went 2 for 3 at roughly 30yd after sneaking up to a large pignut tree. I found three cutting away and after dropping the first the second scooted out on a limb to get a better view and fell to a 40gr...