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    I'm a sucker for "deals", help me decide if I should send them back for something better.....

    Lite weight, turrets that work as they should, 5-25 power = March. Will admit that the warranty isn't the best, but when I questioned this several advised me you won't need the warranty. Hope they are right. Good luck.
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    Best hunting bow under $1k

    I like the Bow Tech and Mathews. Like to keep my brace height at a minimum of 7 inches. Personally prefer a lighter bow as I seem to carry it a lot more than I shoot it. One thing you might consider is looking at a bow that is a year or two old. Seems like you can save a considerable amount of...
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    I Had Forgotten

    That's great. You made her day. And the look and excitement from her will stay in your heart until the end of time. Good for you. Now make some more good memories with that young lady and a great rifle.
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    Talk me out of getting Swarovski EL 10x42’s

    I think that the one thing I found most odd in my search for a decent pair of binoculars was when doing a search on the internet there were a lot of articles and reviews. The top ten binoculars. The best 5 binoculars. ECT,etc. And most of these articles never mentioned Zeiss, Swarovski or Leica...
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    Talk me out of getting Swarovski EL 10x42’s

    I just went through this painful experience. I would not try and talk you out of the El binoculars although I talked myself out of them. I went with the 10x42 Swarovski SLC. Now to be completely honest I didn't figure I could afford new in the El binoculars and could afford new in the SLC...
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    Questions about chronograph speeds and powder amount

    I'm not an expert. But seems like you have a pretty good spread in your velocity. Someplace around 120 fps. Curious as to what kind of groups your rifle is shooting? Not sure the difference in powder amounts would account for the difference in velocity. Guess the other question would be are you...
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    Factory rifles chambered in 300 PRC

    Christensen arms
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    Terminus Apollo Hammers

    Wow Very Impressive. Nice shooting, nice looking rifle. Got to have a rifle that shoots good and someone behind the trigger that can shoot it. Looks to me like they came together.
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    What the best hand held GPS

    We down load our maps of all the areas we are going to hunt. Then put the phone on airplane mode. Guess I can't say how many days I could go with out recharging my phone. But a couple is easy and I'm pretty sure 3 would be more than doable. But you could be right a GPS could be easier. No...
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    What the best hand held GPS

    Okay I will admit that I'm not real tech savvy. But have you considered putting onX on your phone. I have it on my phone (well I should admit that my son was kind enough to install it for me). Anyway I do like it and even for me I find it easy to use. Can even sit in your house and do some...
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    What cartridge?

    A 7mm rm is never a bad choice. Lots of factory ammo. Good choice of bullets. Plenty capable of taking any of the game you are interested in. Even at fair distances. But with a good brake I wouldn't expect any of the 28 or 30 calibers to deal out any punishment. If you get one light enough it...
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    What cartridge?

    Are you against using a brake?
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    Garmin inreach mini

    So if I understand correctly the inReach system will Tex from an area with no cell service and my wife would receive the Tex on her phone as long as she had cell service? So if she is in camp and doesn't have cell service. She would need an inReach unit also to receive Tex? And would we be...
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    Anyone here use other archery forums?

    Go by the same handle on Archery Talk. And yes between firearms, glass and bows they keep my wallet pretty flat and my wife's hands over her ears and her eyes shut. I keep thinking that just for fun some day I'm going to tell her that I don't think I need anything else. But I afraid that she'd...
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    Hello from Bend, OR

    No I don't. The name sounds familiar. But I can't place them.

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