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    Phone Based Billistic Calculator

    Applied ballistics
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    sig sauer kilo 2000 rangefinder

    I got a kilo about 6 weeks ago. The next morning I ranged a hill across the freeway it came up at 1826, It consisted of lava rock and shrubs, I tried later in the day when it was a litter warmer and was able to get 1650. Reflective at 3050, will retest when I am passenger. I sold a vortex...
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    Fed 215M

    That is good to know, thanks, I just saved them in my contact info
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    Fed 215M

    I just ordered some I think they said they have a couple of thousand left. 814-765-9273 Grice Gun Shop
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    RCBS Trim Pro 2- Manual

    Hello I have the almost same set up..(power)... The will fit.. but a bear. I gave up on mine , I was using a rcbs 3 way trimmer and it was gouging the inside of the neck (338 LM), after a week of trying to correct it, I purchased a Wilson....luuuuuv it! hope this helps
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    sold thanks
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Varget 8 lbs

    thanks all powder sold!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Varget 8 lbs

    Hello I have 64 lbs of varget in 8 lb ers , I am willing to trade for a Bat Hr repeater action, or sell 225 per 8lber thanks