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    7mm Nosler Accubond 160gr.

    Midway had them today
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    Smokeless muzzleloader recommendations

    X2 on Arrowhead muzzleloader. I have one built on a rem 700 action. 300 gr bullet 2950 FPS easy .5 moa gun. Have shot it out to 600 several times. Very pleased but it’s heavy
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    Smokeless muzzleloader recommendations

    Don’t do the 45 70 scout conversion at this time. I have 2 buddy’s that bought theirs 2 yrs ago. Awesome shooters out to 300 yds. Something has changed in the barrels this year. Several people are having problems with the bore being uniform diameter all the way thru Makes it impossible to...
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    Powder at powder valley

    Keep checking. Had varget in the cart. Couldn’t check out. 30 minutes later. Success ! order accepted.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED . 284 bullets, Nosler, Hornady, Swift

    Heck I will take the whole lot Never know when ya might need them. pm your payment info please
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    SOLD/EXPIRED . 284 bullets, Nosler, Hornady, Swift

    I will the accubonds if you will sell separate
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    Remington 870 sp

    I’m looking for a 870 special purpose. Had rather have a wood stock gun but would consider a synthetic. Doesn’t have to be perfect but at least good condition. 26 or 28 in barrel. Don’t want a express. Special purpose only. Thanks for looking. 931/639/1218
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    Rem 700 bottom metal L

    Looking for LA Rem 700 bottom metal floor plate with follower and spring. Or metal for magazines. Let me know what you have. Black Preffered but would take stainless
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    nosler accubonds 7mm 140 or 160

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    nosler accubonds 7mm 140 or 160

    looking for 140 or 160 accubonds the more you have the better
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    Remington 700 SS 7mm Rem mag

    Very clean older bdl model. Not a SPS version. Stainless with factory synthetic stock. Looks to be handled very little. I bought this to do a semi custom build I caught the 6.5 prc bug after working up loads for a friend so I’m going send this one down the road. Serial number S6295xxx...
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    Atlas bipod with spike feet

    I’ll take it
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    Arrowhead Muzzleloader

    bump for a nice rig. If you are in the market do some research on this muzzleloader. I have one built on a 700 single shot action They will leave you speechless. very few centerfires will shoot as good as these things do.
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    Nightforce SHV 4x14 50 F1MOAR

    Let’s try 950.