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    Primers for 300 RUM w Retumbo

    I've tried the Fed 210M's and the Fed 215's with Retumbo and a 220 SMK in the 300 Rum. I thought that maybe the the 210M's would give better consistency. They didn't. I wasn't all that happy with the consistency of the Fed 215's either,but it was better then the 210M's. From there I went to the...
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    240SMK with 300 RUM

    I'm using 230gr Wildcat Bullets ( the new ones, made in Canada ) with a Fed 215M primer and 88 gr of Retumbo. Velocity is aprox. 2900. Accuracy is Sub MOA, better then the 220 gr SMK's.I think that's as heavy as I want to go though.
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    Need advise on extreme range scope...

    Personally I'd go with the NXS 5.5x22. It's a great scope, with 100 minutes of adjustment. I've got one with Mil-Dots and I love it.
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    400gr X 416 Remington Mag NOT Enough For GRIZZ?

    I'm glad to hear the fella survived, he's lucky. It just goes to prove that caliber matters a whole lot less then shot placement.
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    220g SMK load for 300 RUM?

    I've been shooting the 300 RUM in a Rem Sendero for a couple of years now. My bullet of choice is the 220 SMK at this point although I want to give the 200 Accubond a go this year. I've also got some 230 gr Wildcat Bullets to try also. I've got my best (Sub-MOA) groups with Retumbo and H-1000...
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    Iraq tour completed

    Glad to hear he is safely home. Please pass on my sincere congratulations and thanks for a job well done. We sit here in safety because of the sacrifices people like him (and yourself) have made.
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    Need Help With Grizzly Bear Question

    I have a fair bit of experience hunting big bears both on Vancouver Island and Coastal BC. These types of bears will take an unbelievable amount of punishment and still keep moving. I've seen Grizzly shot with a 458 win mag, lose half their heart and a lung and make 100 yds in bush too thick to...
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    LRH stewardship, thoughts and some decisions

    I read the 'acceptable range' thread several times. The bottom line, for me anyhow, is not to shoot at anything I'm not 100% sure I can hit and drop with the first shot. I spend most of my summers pushing my personal envelope on targets and learning as much as I can about ranging and wind. I'm...
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    What is going on?

    Well, I for one am sorry to see the Ultra Longrange Hunting section go. I've learned a lot over the last year or so about loading for longrange and other little tricks the 'pros' use. All in all it's still a great site and I enjoy reading the posts with my morning coffee. This site has a lot to...
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    New Nightforce NXS

    I'm living in Canada and bought a new NXS 5.5 x 22 x 56 Mil Dot scope last summer. I know of a few more that were imported since then as well. I took 6 weeks to get over the boarder however. Mine doesn't have the MilDot dialing but I sure wish it did. I do know that some dealers, like Leupold...
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    Pictures of bubble level ...

    That's the best level I've seen yet! I'll have to get one. As to the space thing I think a Picatinny Rail would help a lot.
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    Any good load suggestions for 300WM and 190MK?

    My all time best load for the 300 win and 190 gr SMK's is 71.5 gr of IMR 4831and a FED 215M primer. I set this .005 off the lands. REMEMBER THIS IS A MAX LOAD, START AT 65 GR'S AND WORK UP.It gives me aprox 2700 fps in my rifle. Hope it helps.
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    New premium 300 ultra brass

    That stuff looks great, however I notice it's primed. Does anyone know the current rules for getting it over the Canadian boarder? These days I'm not real sure about unprimed brass anymore let alone primed stuff.
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    338 RUM tapered base

    Same here if your talking the Rem 700. I used a Badger Ordnance +20 MOA base for my night force on a stock Sendero and had no problems at all. There's even lot's of room for loading.
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    throat erosion?

    The twist on the factory Sendero barrels is 1:10. I've never shot the 240 gr SMK in mine.My bullet of choice is the 220 SMK and it gives great results. I can't say if it will cause more throat erosion then the 190 SMK though. I've always been under the impression that erosion is a function of...