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    Rifle for 10 year old.

    I recommend a T/C Contender carbine. 16 inch barrel in a caliber like 300 BLK. They are very accurate, light to carry, and a suppressor can make them very quiet. They can grow with the child and many caliber barrels are available.
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    Alpine Supreme Mauser build

    I'd go with a 280 A.I. or 6.5 Creed. If you can get a barrel from Lothar Walther, Mocgowan Precision, or Shilon. A Boyd's stock would work.
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    Feral Donkeys ln Australia

    I seem to recall the man who invented the Horus vision reticle used it for long range donkey culling in Australia. He once told me he got 2nd and third shot kills at a mile with his rifle and scope combo. Can't remember the rifle he was using. He also created a ballistics app for mini computers...
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    AR10... 6.5 or .308?

    Do you live bear me?
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    AR10... 6.5 or .308?

    I'd love a chance at shooting some of those pigs if you ever need another partner. You're right, Im in Livermore. I just drove up Mines road last Thursday.
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    AR10... 6.5 or .308?

    The Unitah Precision uppers would work that way too I prefer the lower recoil of the auto loader. I recently put a Kalikey on my 300 BLK Pistol and it is very accurate. It just isn't as soft shooting as before, even subsonic. If I could run a moderator...
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    AR10... 6.5 or .308?

    I have an Armalite AR10 in 308 that goes half MOA with its favorite loads. It loves the Federal Gold Medal match 175 grain and Berger 185 grain Juggernaut loads. I need to put an adjustable gas block on it, as it's over gassed with my 110 grain lead free bullet load. I killed a pig at 125 yards...
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    Does the Creedmoor really need more??? I don't think so!

    I just got an 18" 6 TCU barrel for my contender. I also have a 6.5 TCU barrel in 14". Would they be effective with the HH or AH light bullets on deer and antelope sized game? Maybe hogs? They are super accurate.
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    CA deer bullet

    I carry my Glock 20 in 10mm with either Barnes or Lehigh Defense Lead Free bullets when I'm hunting in California. In Colorado I carry Buffalo Bore 200 grain hardcast or the Lehigh deep penetrater.
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    Building A Rifle This Easy?

    Probably more like 1700 rounds.
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    Building A Rifle This Easy?

    Something to consider, the 22, 6 mm, 25 Creedmoor , or 220 Swift may be a better fit in your standard action and all are faster than the 22-250. Don't get me wrong, the 22-250 is great, but without a longer chamber lead you won't be able to get the most out of the 1 in 8 twist. I'd go even...
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    Midway: CCI Large Rifle Magnum Primers

    My notifications on primers are just saying they're discontinued items.
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    Caliber choice for prairie dogs

    Take a 10-22 for up to 150 yards and a 224 Valkyrie AR15 out to 1000. If you have room you can squeeze in a 223 upper. Or, you take a Contender or Encore with 4-6 barrels and spread out the fun.
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    I'll take the 75 grain vmax and zmax if it includes shipping.
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    Must use 30 cal for moose

    I know this is a long range hunting forum, but you haven't mentioned the 300BLK subsonic with a suppressor yet. Pushing a 208 grain it'll still do the job...I think, shot placement is key.😁