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    Accurate Powders: Scored 4350 and 4064

    PV has some h4350 and h4831 h4831sc. I don’t need powder so I am not picking any up. Now LRM primers I haven’t seen in a long long time.
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    Boot recommendation

    I agree with those replies that mention fit-frst as a requirement. Get a good brand that fits your feet, both of them. My Kenetrek mtns. produce left foot blisters at the heel while my right foot fit is perfect. I did not like that my heels wore down fast with Kenetrek. About 80 miles over 3...
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    I’m rethinking what I told kids as they grew up about there not being any such thing as “good old days”. In the early 1990s we’d walk the Pomona, CA gun show and if you’d see a table with a $12 sign on a box of 1000 LPP you’d walk past until you found the table with the $10/1000 price tag. Still...
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    For synthetic, UA boxer Jocks.
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    .338 WinMag

    My Browning Abolt is in 338 WM is my high-confidence, go to rifle. Barnes 225gn is also a favorite. Use a PAST pad for range work and the field shots are not an issue if the limbsaver is properly placed on the shoulder.
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    digital scales

    I use the higher capacity scale sold by UniqueTek. About $220, it’s very consistent. It matches my RCBS and Redding bean scales but is much quicker.
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    What dies should I buy?

    I know it’s petty, but I had the issue with a Redding seater where it got damaged by seating bullets into >100% capacity 223 Rem loads and am still displeased with Redding for what I consider a cheap component. Redding expressly warns against this and I paid the price, that is I bought the...
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    Vertical stringing

    It can be hard to control muzzle bounce because you have no pressure on the stock to hold it down when your non trigger hand is on a rear bag. Ditch the bipod if you are bench shooting and shoot off a bag.
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    Homemade reloading benchtop material?

    Built a bench and cabinet in 1993 from the National Reloading Manufacturers Association plans ( Note how the ply top is supported along the front...all my sizing presses are mounted to this t-section and nothing moves. Also, for those short on space...
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    bullet energy limit

    I’m probably not following the question correctly as I am not clear on this from the OP: “a cartridge reached it's limit at 900 ft. lb. of energy.” I picked up Roy Chandler’s gem, “Hunting Alaska” early on in my shooting years and adopted the preference for Momentum vs Velocity. Roy points out...
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    TSX Bullets

    I have had great results with Barnes TSX and TTSX in .308 WIN and .338 WM in two Browning rifles. I did “fire lap” with a few 400 and finer grit bullets when new and seldom see green on the patches. I just today cleaned these two after two years of hunting and sighting in along with a 15 round...
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    Toughest Long Range Hunting Optic?

    + for US Optic Feels like I could pound tent pegs with it and not affect the zero. Of course, it’s weight may be a factor in causing your side-sloping horse to fall in the first place.
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    Are micrometer seater dies worth it?

    OP. I have micro-seaters but for the hunting rounds I use the most, I don’t. My rifle is a Browning Abolt ii in 338 WM that is magazine fed. Jump to the lands is 0.168”. It is (sometimes) sub-MOA at 200 yds. If you can afford it, get the micrometer seater die but it might not be essential unless...
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    First elk hunt

    Good suggestions for the OP. I hunted 4th rifle in 2014 (remember the news warnings of the Artic Blast?) at 10k feet, and can attest to the need for a good layer setup. Our temps were 5 deg F at 6 am and 6 degrees F at 6 pm. Fire starter, tarp and a buddy or SOS device for safety. I had trails...