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    Reloading equipment upgrade ?

    Lol! That is what I have! I have Annealeez and it is a lot faster! I am able to bump the shoulder consistently. Worth it. I haven't tried the AMP and can't comment on that. I upgraded from Rock Chucker to Forster CO-AX. The brass and ammo are more concentric consistently on co-ax than Rock...
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    270 Quickload Data Needed

    You could download the GRT. It is awesome and you could inputs including H2O, COAL, etc, and see the numbers. I have been using them and it works very well. The software is free!
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    Frankford Arsenal M-press. I’m not m-pressed!!

    I was waiting for my co-ax for maybe 6 or 8 months and finally got it. It was maybe less than two years ago and am very glad to have them now! Love co-ax! Just order one and wait. It will be worth it!
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    Imperial Sizing Die Wax

    I read somewhere and haven't tried that. I will try them someday. If you can't find 99% then get Epson salt on the sheet and bake at 400 f degrees for an hour or until the brown crispy. You will find a lot of 50% to 70% isopropyl alcohol at dollar stores. Mix baked Espon salt and 50% or 70% in...
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    Imperial Sizing Die Wax

    I do and it is working well!
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    Modify Savage Action for MDT Chassis - WSM

    That is what I though! Lol! No problem. Thanks!
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    Modify Savage Action for MDT Chassis - WSM

    I would like to see pictures of your work. A video would be awesome and I think I asked too much? Looking forward to your project! I do have Savage 12 6.5 Creedmoor and MDT ACC Chassis. That is why I asked! Good luck!
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    Anyone's hands get sore after priming brass?

    ^^^^THIS^^^^!!! I have arthritis in my hands and I bought it above and it helps a big time!
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    Help me understand burn rate

    All pieces of information above are great! That makes me ask the next question! How that affects temperature sensitivity? Many Thanks!
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    I either screwed up or made the best decision ever

    Screwed up or best decision ever? I vote for "BEST DECISION EVER!!!" Congratulations!
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    Bullet seating die

    I love Forster Micrometer Seating die! I just wish they sell various stems just like Hornady.
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    Strelok pro data

    Jayjoe, You might want to join the Facebook Strelok Ballistics User group...
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    6.5 CM load question

    Tag as I am going to get together and ready to load. This is a good one! Thank you all for sharing!
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    Labradar Question

    Same as here! V3 works on my s10 and Tab E flawless! I knew the labradar app has a lot problems. I will call them in a few months to see if they release a brand new app. Better be!
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    Labradar Question

    I was having problems with bluetooth and labradar app. I called labradar about a few weeks ago and was told that the brand new labradar app will be out in a few months. Hope that will be a lot of improving! Crossing our fingers!