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    New guy

    Welcome from Alberta, lots of good info and useful knowledge.
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    I am falling apart ...

    To quote Curchill, " when you are going through hell, keep going."
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    For long range hunting only! We don’t discuss match components!

    Anyone use Retumbo in 338 win mag or 300 wsm? Have never seen any published charges but have for 7 mm rem mag and even 25-06. I am using RL 19 with 225 gr in 338 win mag , 78 grs, just wondering how Retumbo would compare.
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    Hello from northern utah

    Welcome from Alberta
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    I am falling apart ...

    Just when you get your **** together your *** falls apart.
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    Thoughts on caliber choice

    I have only had experience with the 280 and 300 . They are both great if you do your part and the bullet performs then you should have no problems. One of the largest brown bears in the Smithsonian was with a 30-06 so guns are not the deciding factor the Hunter is. The number 9 grizzly BC was...
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    DANGER, DANGER, DANGER: Look inside of your new brass!

    Found this in a bag of 300 wsm Winchester brass, that customs had opened.
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    Another Fatal Grizzly Attack

    I live within one hour of both fatal grizzly attacks and one year ago a biologist found tracks in our subdivision of a grizzly. The area is abundant with wildlife. One day on my deck, in the open prairie, I counted over 65 mule deer and Cougars frequent the area. Predators sense of smell will...
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    Free CPS to worthy home.

    Very good customer service