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    Browning X-Bolt Hells Canyon Long Range. Accurate?

    I have one in 300 RUM I’m setting up for this season but haven’t fired yet. Following along for other’s feedback.
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    Hodgdon's SITE H-1000,,H4350 few others

    Boo, site lagged on checkout and now sold for what I was looking for. Thanks for heads up though
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    Suggestions for a good elk hunting boot

    I’m breaking in a pair of Crispi boots this year for my October trip. Heard good things about them. Too early to give you my review but like them so far.
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    Bad Drivers Argh!

    Driver skill and attention declining quicker than new car safety improving. I ride motorcycles and swear over half drivers watching videos on their phone while driving. They’re out to kill! 😂
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    Federal SP primers

    check before you buy from any of these unknown sites that have inventory nobody else has. Almost universally they are scams. And most want paypal, Zelle, Bitcoin etc for payments.
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    You drew an elk tag and you want to hunt elk out west

    I appreciate you taking time to share that. Good stuff.
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    At Scheel’s in Colorado Springs. 6/22

    May be time to make run to ours here in The Colony.
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    Thanks for sharing. unfortunately new ones seem to pop up daily. The common theme is them only using paypal or bitcoin for payments.
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    Gift certificate to local archery shop as mentioned above is a good idea.
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    Exercise for arthritic knees?

    Thanks Rooster, I’ll look into Boron. First I’ve heard of it.