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    Not good News, but,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    My sincere condolences to Jerry's friends and family. May he rest in peace.
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    Dial vs digital calipers

    For me it's digital. I find them way easier to read than dial. I've had numerous different sets of budget calipers but now only use Mitutoyo's. I got tired of getting a different reading, measuring the same part, with budget calipers. I get the same reading every time with my Mitutoyo's. They...
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    Shooting rest

    Caldwell Rock BR with Protektor bags. Works great.
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    Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas and I wish all of you a very happy and prosperous 2020!
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    7mag 180vldhunting vs 195 elite hunters?

    Retumbo should work well for the 195's. Seeing how you have 9.5 lbs of it, that would be my first powder to try. H1000 is also a great powder for the 7mm but I think performance wise, Retumbo will trump it. I'm not saying more accurate, just faster. I have no experience with RL26 so I can't say...
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    Average weights of 3.5 year old bull.

    My 2.5 year old bull this year weighed in at 298lbs. That was gutted, skinned and legs cut off at the joint. Essentially the same as your first pic.
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    7mm Question

    Of the 2 cartridges the OP stated, my vote would be for the STW but I would shoot 195gn, not 180's. Given the distances mentioned, my choice would be a 338 Edge shooting 300gn Bergers.
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    Lucked out again on Elk

    To me, any elk is a good elk and that one there is a beauty. Congrats!
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    140 grain 6.5 berger elite hunter

    20 thou was the best for me.
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    Powder for 7mm Rem Mag

    I don't know how the supply is for VV powder down there yet but I had some real good luck using VV N570 in my 7mm Rem Mag recently. I'm getting 3050fps shooting 180 VLD's. It very consistently holds 1/2 - 3/4 MOA out to 725 yards. When I purchased some more N570, the owner of the shop said they...
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    Midway Sale on 338 Lapua Lapua Brass 100 count for $79.99

    You guys suck!!! It's $400/100 up here......
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    Burris oracle

    Not the Oracle but I have the Garmin Xero. Don't think I'd ever go back to a regular sight after using it either. I actually considered the Oracle first but it has no led brightness memory. You can turn the brightness down but after the default 90 seconds passes and if you haven't pushed the...
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    Would you shoot this deer?

    A deer like that has most likely already spread quite a bit of seed around.... Definitely a shooter.
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    Which three must have calibers.

    Had the choice been from small to large game, I'd have replaced the 6.5CM with a 204 Ruger.
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    Which three must have calibers.

    .264 (6.5 CM) .284 (7mm RM) .338 (338 Edge) If I could only keep 3 from my stable, for medium to large game, these are the ones I'd choose.