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    Our Next Generation of Shooters

    I’ve got a question for you guys, grandpas, that I’ve been wondering about...everyone is saying they are leaving X number of guns for each of their grandchildren. So if some of your grandchildren have absolutely no interest in guns, will you still give these grandchildren guns?
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    Exercise for arthritic knees?

    Len, I have been dealing with Arthritis, knees, since my mid twenties and there are definitely meds that can help a lot. I currently take three different meds, two of them three times a day. As for exercising I recommend getting an good elliptical. I bought my wife one this past November and...
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    Our Next Generation of Shooters

    Well, I’m a Paw Paw and when I found out my daughter was pregnant with my first grandson I went down and bought him a Henry Golden Boy .22. I’ve since had two more grandsons and I have yet to buy them a .22 but I will I just haven’t decided what to buy them. I also have a two granddaughters with...
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    Target/hunting load for 300 win mag

    Guys, Thanks for your recommendations! I’ve worked up two loads for it now. The first was Nosler 200gr Partitions, Nosler brass, fed mag primers, 78grs h1000 The second is Hornady 208gr ELD Match, Nosler Brad’s, fed mag primers, 78grs h1000 The 200 partitions is for a specific hunt which...
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    Target/hunting load for 300 win mag

    Guys, Thanks for the recommendations! I've decided to go with Hornady ELD Match 208 Gr bullets with H1000.
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    Target/hunting load for 300 win mag

    Guys, I bought a Seekins 300 win mag a few weeks ago. I've worked up one load with Partitions 200 grains for strictly hunting but I want to work up another load for target and hunting. I'm looking at 208 Gr Hornady ELD and 210 Gr Berger VLDs. What's the best powder/s for these bullets? Thanks...
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    Seekins Havak

    I picked up the 300 Win Mag three weeks ago. I've wanted a Nightforce for a LONG time and this was the perfect rifle for it. I found a used one for sale and snapped it up. I've had two neck surgeries and didn't think I'd ever shoot much less own another 300 mag but after researching and...
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    Sig Tango 6 3-18X44 FFP

    If you were in need of a scope for hunting and a little long range shooting but didn't want to break the bank and could pick one of these up NIB for $1k would you buy it? Is it worth $1K? thanks,
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    ar in 6.5 creedmoore

    Yep and it's a really accurate and fun rifle.
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    Are most powders equally "accurate"?

    Just be careful..
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    Mountain Tactical/

    If it shipped you should be good to go. Post a pic when you get it put together.
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    Mountain Tactical/

    Good luck! Hope you get it! I never did and ended up going in a different direction.
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    Dillon 550 vs Hornady Lock and Load progressive press

    Guys, Can you guys give me the run down on these two presses. I'm doing my research and have to this point narrowed the search to these. Can you please give me Pros and Cons of each? Thanks, Mel
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    Must haves for long range...

    I've got great, I think, hand loads. They shoot better than .5 MOA out to 300 yards.
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    Must haves for long range...

    Shooting and hunting. Guys, Once you get a great long range rifle and scope what are the must haves in order to accurately hit the target out to 1200 yards? Mel