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    Nightforce vs Huskemaw or something else in that price range??

    I spent 4 years working with a shop that did load development and click data with Huskemaw scopes. We also did Vortex and Nightforce. Huskemaw has a great reticle and their turret system is user friendly. BUT we had numerous that would not hold a zero. Sitting a Nightforce next to it on the...
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    Rifle case wide enough for Nightforce

    I ended up getting the Pelican 3300. Thanks for the info guys.
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    Thank You,

    Thank You,
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    Hi Sir I thought i would ask a question here as to not fuel anymore fires. I am looking at going...

    Hi Sir I thought i would ask a question here as to not fuel anymore fires. I am looking at going to a Redding type s die for my 7RM. Would that be your choice? I have both RCBS and Hornady dies but want only the best for this rifle (within reason) i have been annealing the necks after each...
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    Brass Separation Above Belt

    JE how do you feel about neck sizing? When i size for my 7 Rem i bottom out my die and back it off a half turn. This seems to be repeatable but reading your post i wonder if i will get more life out of my cases by just neck sizing since it has fire formed to the chamber. Just want to pick your...
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    Rifle case wide enough for Nightforce

    Hey Thanks Guys! Got some solid choices. Dosh thanks for the heads up on the Youtube Videos.
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    Rifle case wide enough for Nightforce

    Guys I have Nightforce NXS 5.5x22 Uncapped turret scopes on my rifles. Does anyone know who makes a hard rifle case wide enough for this scope? Thanks in advance.
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    Manners Bedding question

    Thanks for the info guys.
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    Manners Bedding question

    I am bedding a Manners EH1 and asked them (Manners) what they suggested for bedding material. They said Marine Tex. I have no experience with it. My question is will the same release agents work, does it like to shrink or expand. Does it need a super roughed up surface to stick? The pillars were...
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    Atlas Bipod vs Extreme Pod from EOL??

    Anyone else have input on these two? Im interested and want to make sure i make the right choice.
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    Stockys new carbon LRH

    No one?? They look great and the weight is right. Just dont want to be the first:D
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    Stockys new carbon LRH

    Has anyone put their hands on or used Stockys new carbon long range hunter stock? It looks good, the weight is right and the price is good. Just wondering if AG composites who is making them for stockys is a quality maker? Thanks Dave
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    Long range accubond seating depth

    I have been working on a load for my 7mm 700 action, Hart 26 in 1 in 9 twist. I have had super mixed results with these bullets in the numerous rifles we have tried them in. To the point that we kind of gave up on them from not so great results. I recently finally called Nosler and asked them...
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    Harrell precision tactical brake?

    The shop i work with has put hundreds of their brakes on. I personally have them on five of my rifles and have zero complaints. You would be very surprised to know how many custom builders use them. Dave