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    Kuiu XL Pro Bino Harness Vias

    Swarovski 15x56s required a tug to get out, so I'd wager 10x42 and up would be the XL range. Also, I screwed the title... these are Valo camo from Kuiu.
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    Kuiu XL Pro Bino Harness Vias

    Used on only one hunt with 15x56s. $85 shipped USPS priority.
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    169 Hammer vs 180 VLD vs 195 EOL. Proven 7mm Loads.

    I tried the 143 HH pushing them at 3,650 at max pressure with 91gr N570 in Nosler brass seated at the second gas ring. I just couldn't get them to group consistently. My chamber was cut for the Berger 180-195s though. Keep us posted.
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    Hornady 300WM 178 Precision Hunter and Federal 180 Trophy Bonded Tip Ammo

    Buddy has a bear hunt coming up and knucklenuts has a rifle dialed in for two factory loads that he doesn't have anymore. Anyone spare a few boxes of either/both?
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    Scope for light weight rifle

    Perhaps I don't understand the subtensions, and I surely can't do it from my phone on their website. I don't get how one would get .1-.2 mil measurements off it for range calcs.
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    Stretched out the 28 Nosler

    You show me fired Norma brass without an ejector mark. Excessive>stout>significant>robust>pronounced>decent>little>none I live dangerously.
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    Nosler brass is soft to the extent I get extractor marks with fairly mild loads. Hornady historically has had primer pockets loosen faster for me, but seems to eat up a bit more pressure.
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    Lots of powder at Bruno`s

    @lancetkenyon good thing I was in front of you today. Agreed, Bruno's sucks really bad.
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    Stretched out the 28 Nosler

    It looks like our 28Ns are chambered similar. In the absence of 195s, I went with the 143 hammers and N570. 92gr with a 3.6 coal in Norma brass... far from the lands, but getting 3686fps. I get a decent ejector mark, but no funny business with the primers/pockets/bolt lift. Thanks for the notes.
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    WTT for 7mm 195 EOLs

    Still have 1000 6.5mm 156s remaining I can trade for 195 7mm Bergers.
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    Stretched out the 28 Nosler

    The most impressive thing about this thread was that OP had virgin ADG brass. @Huntnful what is your coal if you're .07 from the lands? Was that max length for reliable feeding or was it a result of load development?
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    Berger 184 hybrid

    Pshhh... ES of 4. Rookie stuff. @ridgeline300 when you learn how to reload, let us know. FFS... I need to take up knitting.
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    Berger 184 hybrid

    Bringing this back up... what drill size do you use to open the tip on the 184 hybrid?
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    WTT for 7mm 195 EOLs