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    Montana governor shows his true disdain of the Second Amendment

    When one city has more anti gun votes than some states you can’t beat them unless you change the minds of the children coming up or we are a generation or two from losing what freedoms we have if you were alive in the 60s and 70s and see where we are today it’s not hard to believe it will happen...
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    Montana governor shows his true disdain of the Second Amendment

    Nothing can be changed until the brain washing of our children in schools hav been stopped the whole agenda is to mold young minds in the passive ways that allows the far left to change the world slowly over time when us older people are dead and gone there will be no one to change the young...
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    Vortex Strike Eagle 3-18 vs Bushnell Forge 3-18

    At one time the forge was selling for under 400.00 here we bought 4 of them can’t see how they could be beat at that price if I was going to send 900.00 I would look for something different. David
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    Greybull Precision

    I had tried to get ahold of him a year ago and was unable to. David
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    Shooting with a fused neck

    The lower in your neck your problem is the better off you are I had my neck broke in 2004 it was broke at c2 which 90 percent of the time kills you so I am very lucky c1 and c2 is the most flexible joints in your body and I lost 40 percent of that movement side to side some up and down movement...
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    Bergara her b14

    The reason it looks like it does is there was a three inch stick on orange dot that had faded that we put some orange paint on so instead of steel showing like normal it was blowing the sticker off first couple shots like I said I watched all three impacts if you don’t believe it I’ll put up 285...
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    Browning BAR Question

    It can be done I seen a guy 40 years ago have a 20 round mag on a 243 he used for coyote hunting. David
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    Bergara her b14

    Definitely three shot I was calling the hits through a spotting scope for him he’s good on the trigger. David
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    Retumbo where art thou??

    Guess I don’t know how to private message need help. David
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    Retumbo where art thou??

    If you are close to Kansa know a guy who had some he would sell. David
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    What's your favorite hunting bow?

    Black widow recurve. David
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    Remington 700 dbm short action for sale

    This item is no longer for sale to many talkers and no walkers I’ve never made an offer for any thing I didn’t buy but seems not the way it works here if I had made 10.00 dollars over shipping I would of let it go but people make offers then back out Thanks for trip. David
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    Remington 700 dbm short action for sale

    I’m not going to ever use it what’s fair to you. David
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    Remington 700 dbm short action for sale

    Remington 700 factory the way I understand. David
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    Remington 700 dbm short action for sale

    Bdl put it on hs precision stock to build a short action 6 mm Remington but barrel was throated wrong so I went back to bdl bottom metal it is non magnum 308 bolt style 6mm worked fine in it but bullets Berger 105s crunched to much powder. David

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