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    Varmint trigger for a AR-15

    Timney 4.5 single stage. POF-USA single stage curved. ALG defense enhanced. Two stage.
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    Best factory ammo to site new 300 WSM?

    Nosler brass. Winchester Magnum primers. Tipped SMK 175 gr. Magpro powder. 1/10-22" barrel
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    Winchester "Ranger" knowledge please

    So a friend complained that his rifle wont group. Turned out to be the Winchester Ranger rifle I asked about. After properly cleaning the barrel. Super bad, at least twenty black tar lookin patches came out before I called it clean. It also had weaver mounts, with picatinny high rings that were...
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    Recent grizzly attacks on Montana elk hunters

    In my head I will have My KA-BAR in my teeth, while spitting fire from the 44 magnum, head shooting the charging Grizzly that is after me and my wife...... In reality, I will probably scream like a women, while peeing myself from the fetal position, and my wife will shoot the Grizzly in the...
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    Winchester "Ranger" knowledge please

    Thanks guys. I'm putting DNZ ring/mount combo on it. Just needed to know compatibility for hole pattern of the mount.
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    Winchester "Ranger" knowledge please

    I have a Winchester bolt action 270 cal. Barrel is stamped "Ranger". I'm looking to dump the weaver mounts and rings and replace with new. I've done some research but am still hesitant. Is this action compatible with Pre-64 model 70 bolt patterns? Not much out there for "Winchester Ranger"...
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    Kill the wolf?

    They didn't show up, because there was no money to be extorted in the form of fines. If you would have told them you shot ten wolves that were slaughtering elk, they would have been there to write tickets, steel firearms and make arrests. Guaranteed.
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    CAR stock with a 20" barrel?

    I have to wear lots of clothes half the year due to temperatures. I find that fixed length stocks don't work for me. I run carbine buffer tube, spring, buffer on rifle length gas systems, and it works fine. For mid length and carbine length systems I use the H2 heavy buffer with standard spring...
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    Ar newb!

    It's not complicated it's just marketing. Combined with keyboard warrior know-it-all's. Reputable companies make good stuff, that has proven it's worth in countless online reviews. Just pick what you like and build one. It won't be your last. Just have fun with it. But be careful. If you form an...
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    Kill the wolf?

    Then PM me. I'm aware of the Navy footage you are referring to. I was in the Navy. I've seen things too. I understand your desire to avoid ridicule. It is hard to find someone to have an educated conversation about this topic. Please PM me. Thanks.
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    Kill the wolf?

    Please enlighten me...…..
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    Kill the wolf?

    The tree huggers are mere pawns in the game. Emotional mouthpieces used by the billionaires and trillionaires to enforce their agenda.
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    Kill the wolf?

    The truth is terrifying. Which is why many throw their hands over their ears and deny it. Especially the older folks. They refuse to believe something this sinister, this big, this evil, grew rite under their noses. And they never even knew about it. Let alone tried to stop it. The younger...
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    Kill the wolf?

    Here is some intel.
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    Made in the USA important to you?

    I purchased a poster off the internet, a few months back. American flag poster with a woman holding a rifle on it. It took six weeks to arrive, was shipped from China, and tube arrived with no poster in it. It's getting out of hand.