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    Opening Day

    Congratulations to you both! I'm looking forward to taking my granddaughter turkey hunting in a few years.
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    Thanks! I used a Canon 20D and a Canon 100-400 mk I lens.
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    Sheep, elk, bears

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    Hawaii scenes and critters

    Thanks! Most if not all were taken with a Canon 1Dmk4 and Canon 100-400mm. The Nenes might have been with a 300mm prime.
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    Deer you see with no tag!!

    What a buck!
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    wide whitetail

    I hope this one made it through the year; I certainly never hurt him.
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    I finally got lucky enough to pose with him on the last day of muzzleloader season:
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    Thanks! I just keep snapping, hoping I get something.
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    Arkansas stream

    Buffalo River Wilderness
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    how to find info on public land in kansas? or even missouri?

    I would check with the Kansas div of wildlife and parks. A few years ago, when I was pheasant hunting quite a bit, we had a book of maps which showed all the private land enrolled in a hunter access program. Of course, until you get there you have no idea what the land is, wheat field, crp, etc.
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    Arkansas stream

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    coyote in the bottom corner in photo above
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    In northern BC.
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    Hawaii scenes and critters

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