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    Carbon ring

    Check with the smith that chambered your barrel and see if he/her still has the chamber reamer used on your barrel. That will take all the carbon out.
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    Rust Preventative Oil for Inside Bore

    I have the spray can, yes it works great for my long term storage.(3 months plus...). The odor is tolerable, it's a lanolin base, so you have some smell to it. After it's applied, wipe excess of with clean towel or patch, it leaves a film that won't readily wash off, not tacky and won't attract...
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    Rust Preventative Oil for Inside Bore

    LDHunter. Check out Fluid Film. I think this is what you are looking for.
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    Hard to find scopes with this criteria:

    jrsolocam Check out the GreyBull Precision Optic! Its a Leupold 4.5-14x50 VXIII, 17oz. with windage hash marks and built in range finder reticle. I have one of these and two of the Huskemaws. I think the GreyBull optic is beter quality.