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    Nosler rdf BC?

    It isn't a copy, at least not exactly. There are definitely differences. Dr. McCoy was the original "Rocket scientist" that did the work on bullets. It's expensive, but worth a read of you want to understand the nature of bullets and flight. Tipping bullets just doesn't add much to BC. But here...
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    Extreme powder

    Don't live or die by Hodgy's marketing BS. Being "Temp insensitive" is not a universal condition, it is a specific design condition, and it has side effects. #5 will explain it. Hodgdon flat-out lies about a few things, and takes some liberal liberties about...
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    Armalite 50 BMG any tips?

    Seems a little like asking what you can do to make your new Ferrari cheaper to drive, and if we have a suggestion on how to make it comfortable to you..... So, are there any mods that YOU want done? It's your rifle, do what you want with it.
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    Bullet Choice

    Saving money is the part that bothers you with Hornady? I would have picked lying about the discontinued list a few years ago, and lying about it not being about filling a G contact, or the BS about melting tips which their own white pages show is crap, as a herring to redesign the rest of the...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS savage & rem barrels

    No, actually some savages are stainless. And you said it wasn't a factory barrel, so his question was perfectly reasonable.
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    Nosler rdf BC?

    So far the 6.5, 140gr are. Only shoot a few hundred though, need to get out past 500 when the snow melts. Not sure if the tail will let me cross yet, but it will be fun to find out!
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    Working up loads

    For me, anything less than 5 rounds is simply an excuse to leave the house. 5 will give you an idea, 10-20 is where I take my chrono average for Shooter. Depends on what I'm doing too. Did a post a few years ago, where I lobbed 70-ish rounds at a target in a short period. A few reasons, but as...
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    Nosler rdf BC?

    Yep, early reports and my testing shows them to finally not be sandbagging numbers. It's been too snowy to really get out to serious distance, or test transonic stability yet. The ogive and importantly tail, is what gives a bullet it's numbers. McCoy did this work long ago. Despite the claims...
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    Working up loads

    1) Excellent 2) This contradicts number 1. If you enjoy something, then doing that is never a "waste". 3) As Mike said, there is no "wrong" way to eat a Reese's. So here are some generalities to remember. Good book data is generated in Universal receivers and pressure barrels. These have...
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    Primer question

    This. In a Creedmoor and 308 changing brands and mag to regular the POI can be slightly different, but the pressure generated is the same on the pressure trace.
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    New (again) to reloading question.

    1) Nothing wrong with volume, but don't let people who don't understand the difference tell you it's about weight. Other than a VMD, I haven't weighed, nor check for a weight, in over a decade. I shoot a couple rifles to a mile, hasn't caused me any disadvantage. 2) Unless you give a lot more...
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    Win 748 / 6.5creedmore

    Nope, that's clever marketing and half truths. Hodgdon to date, has NEVER manufactured a single ounce of smokeless powder. The triple seven and perhaps a similar product, as those in unfamiliar with, being the only thing they "manufacture". They do/have blended lots of purchased powders, but...
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    Win 748 / 6.5creedmore

    Yes 748 works brilliantly with light bullets. Don't listen to the nonsense about ball powder. do yourself a favor and read some of the Naval Warfare Testing Centers work on temp stable powders. General Dynamics ball powders make the Extremes look like play toys. There is a reason why 95+% of...
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    on the 308 bandwagon with 215 advise

    Then what do you think "max pressure" means? If you mean SAAMI max pressure, I thought the fact that you shooting a 215gr bullet FASTER than data for a 208gr, would have been obvious that it's over-pressure... If you mean components not flying apart, consider what we know: Brass...
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    Nosler #8 Guide

    Depending on what powders you use, Quickload can get you into terrible very quickly. It REALLY doesn't have the depth to accurately describe much of anything coming out of either of General Dynamics plants. Scotty, Until they start listing lot numbers tested, never assume your powder has...