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    Berger close range impact

    Did you forget to put the powder in the case ?
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    Berger close range impact

    I love the 210-G Berger VLD.................They should call them instant hamburgers
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    Berger Fanboys, Vocal Minority with Something to Gain, or Legit?

    The only problem with Berger bullets is they just let anyone buy and load them. They should have a hand loading test you have to take and PASS before they they will sell them. Not trying to be rude-just truthful.......................and yes ELKEATER I did get that pearl of wisdom from Escanaba...
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    Berger close range impact

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    Berger close range impact

    I have been shooting Berger bullets for years. Every rifle I own I have made a custom hand load for it and have shot a lot of Elk and deer at close range but mostly long range. I do not squeeze the trigger unless I have a great shot and never but never have I ever had a problem with a Berger...
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    300 Win Mag ELD-X load testing?

    I have great results with 80-G of Retumbo with a 212-G ELD-X 215-M primer and Hornaday brass because it's harder than most other brass and the primer pockets don't enlarge like Nosler brass will. But this load is pushing the envelope and you should work your powder load up to this as long as you...
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    Hornady ELD-X Official Thread

    I have never shot a Bear as big as the one in your picture but some very big bull Elk and at long range and I never send the bullet unless I know I'am in the kill zone but The 212-G ELD-X and the 210-G Berger Perform so well in flight and on impact it's just devastating and a very quick and...
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    Hornady ELD-X Official Thread

    The ELD-X are a hunting bullet, They have a ballistic tip that will not deform in flight and behind that is a really nice hallow point. I have killed 3 elk with them using a 300 Win-Mag with Retumbo powder @ 2850 FPS in a 212-G ELD-X and with a very done load developed cartridge. I also have...
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    5,000 fps coyote rifle?

    Have you given any thought to inventing a laser rifle ? may the force be with you young coyote walker,
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    Shooting in the Rain

    I have shot 4 or 5 times in the rain from 500 to 1000 yards and one time it was really coming down and could not tell any difference on my group size. The only problem I had is I left my ammo box open and got about 3 inches of rain in the box and screwed up my cartridges.
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    Are 224 Bullets Too small for Deer Sized Game?

    Way to small to be fair and ethical. Yes they can kill with a perfect shot only but why would you ?
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    Kill the wolf?

    If we don't take out 80% of the wolfs out of Yellowstone now the only animals you will see there in 2 years is starving wolfs. Man thinks he knows how to handle nature all the time and all we do is screw up the natural order of things. They even put brown trout in Yellowstone lake and they are...
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    Berger Fanboys, Vocal Minority with Something to Gain, or Legit?

    Bergers with proper load development and good shot placement fly really straight and I have shot alot of animals with them when they hit the bullet fragments fly everywhere in side dropping the animal with a quick humane kill. They are a custom bullet and you have to make them shoot tight out of...
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    Toughest Long Range Hunting Optic?

    Night Force is the only correct answer