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    Antelope tastes better in different regions??

    Antelope love sage and it imparts a strong taste, I never hunt them where there is sage and they are the best tasting wild game period, also the tenderest meat.
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    Case lube

    I've used anhydrous lanolin for years , huge jar for cheap from the drugstore. Great case lube easy to clean up and - bonus it's good fro your hands.
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    25-06 Load Development with H4831sc

    I've shot more game with 25:06 than all my other calibers combined, I use a Hornady 120 gr. HP bullet and imr7828 for impressive speed and accuracy. Don't understand why that bullet isn't more popular as it performs!
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    Best 25-06 factory ammo for Elk

    I've taken a number of elk with Hornady 120 gr. hollowpoint bullets , all one shot kills , I've shot many deer antelope elk with that bullet and it's a awesome killer , and being a hollowpoint it doesn't deform in the magazine.
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    Case lube

    I've used anhydrous lanolin from the pharmacy for 30 years ,works great and it's cheap and good for your hands , just roll the cases on a sponge pad covered with it and wipe off with a rag after sizing.
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    25-06 Load Development Problem

    I shoot my 25:06 with 120gr Hornady hollow points , a great hunting bullet which does not deform the tip in the mag. I use 7828 IMR and get over 3000fps and have had great sub moa accuracy in every 25:06 I've owned. I've shot everything from antelope to elk with that combo.
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    .264 Win Mag

    thanks I'll give it a try.
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    .264 Win Mag

    I shoot a custom 264 Win with a 26 in ss barrel in 1-10 and until I could no longer get it was using 77gr. of H870 with a mag rifle primer and Hornady 140 BTSP in a ww case and chronographed over 3150 at 6ft. with no pressure signs and .75in. 3 shot groups. Now I need to find a new powder. Any...
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    Bullet choice when reloading?

    i believe the Hornady 120 gr. hollow point is a overlooked big game bullet. I have used it for years in my 25:06 and 257 Robts ackley improved and 250-3000 imp. with 100% satisfaction. This bullet shoots accurately and flat out kills, and the tip doesn't deform in the mag.
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    replacement for H870 in 264 Win

    As I can no longer get H870 for my 264win , does anyone have a suggestion for a replacement? With 77 gr. H870 and 140 gr. BTSP I was able to get chronographed mv in excess of 3150 with no pressure and great accuracy.