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    When life gets tough, there is hope

    March 20, 2005 I lost my wife to a heart attack, she had heart attacks before but you're never ready for the loss of the love of your life. Keep hanging on to God, without Him I'm not sure how or if I would have made it. Having been there I'm truly sorry for your loss. May He give you...
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    22-250 shooting 75 gr Berger’s and 50 vmax

    With factory Hornady super performance 22-250 50 gr V-max coming out of my Remington 700 with a 1:7.5 25 inch barrel I'm getting a bit over 3800 fps and can pound my 300 yard plate all day. I haven't put them on paper out there but on steel looks to be 1 1/2 inch groups or less.
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    22-250 shooting 75 gr Berger’s and 50 vmax

    I have an 1X7.5 twist 25 inch barrel on my 22-250 and have only shot one coyote so far. The eld was not fur friendly, 37? yards and the exit was at least baseball sized. I have some 75 gr HPBT's loaded up but haven't gotten a coyote to play yet. Many years ago I used 55 Sierra 55 HPBT's and...
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    Need Gunsmith help!

    Sierra Two Industries in Bismarck, ND has put together 3 rifles for me so far and is in the process of the 4th. He has done all the things you listed to the rifles he has built for me and I'm more than happy with the results. Contact number is 701-425-0710.
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    finally learning the importance of seating depth

    a change in seating depth = a change in pressure = a change in harmonics
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    Longest Kill Shot ?

    whitetail buck 1032 yards 243 with 105 amax one and done coyote 1234 yards 243 115 berger wind got me on first shot, got him on the second
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    New varmint rifle build?

    I have a 22-250 with a 1-7.5 twist barrel that for shots inside 400 yards I use 55 Amax (still have them) and for anything out to 1000 yards I’m using 75 ELD’s. I’m loading the 75’s to just under 3300 fps, as the 22-259 can be loaded to 65000 I have room to go as I’m around 61000.
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    A dilemma with my hound

    My bird dog chased rabbits, sometimes it took half an hour to get her back. I put a good shock collar on her and set it on high, when the first rabbit took off I tried to call her off but she kept on going so I hit her with all it had. If I remember right it kicked out after 6 seconds and I...
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    .243 bullet 300 and under on deer & Barnes TSX question

    For deer I like the Hornady 105gr HPBT out to 600 yards or so and if it’s beyond that 105gr Amax. The deer in my avatar was taken with a 105gr Amax at 1032 yards. The Amax is just to nasty (excessive meat loss) at closer ranges. Coyotes I’ve shot out to 450 with the Amax left little for the...
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    .243 bullet 300 and under on deer & Barnes TSX question

    Between my son and I we have shot 5 or 6 deer with the Barnes 85gr TSX and have had no real problems with them. All the shots were under 200 yards, none made it more than 50 yards after being hit, 2 DRT and all bullets went out the other side. I haven’t tried hammer bullets so don’t know...
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    Shooting How Far?

    How far I shoot depends on the conditions of the day, how solid of shooting platform I can put together and how hard it will be to find the animal if it travels before going down. The buck in my avatar is a good example, 1032 yards, I couldn’t get closer, bench rest solid, less than 2 mph wind...
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    What powder and how much - .270?

    270 win + 145 gr Hornady ELD-X + IMR 4350 = 3210 fps from 26 inch barrel (I don’t give powder charges as it might not be safe in your rifle) Remington 700 with Bartlein barrel will put 3 in a quarter at 200 yards usually with change left over.
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    Ballistic calculators off real life drop. why?

    That’s why I stopped using chronos. I get a zero at 200, find my dope to 600 and adjust the speed until everything matches. Then verify at 1000.
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    Anyone shooting 243win to 1000yds (Target)

    I find it hard to believe that some say the 243 isn’t good for anything yet it’s the rifle they buy for their wife and children????????? I used to shoot a 300 win mag to 1000 but after putting a 1X8 twist barrel on my 243 and playing with it - I sold the 300. The drop at 1000 is considerable...
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    Which Range Finding Binos?

    Buy once, cry once - they should last you the rest of your life. I’ve had my Swarovski EL range 10X42 for 6 years and like my brother who lost his in a fire bought another pair as soon as he got his insurance check

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