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    Where does .308 Winchester excel?

    Ammo availability (currently — subject to change) and that’s about it.
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    Need a scope with higher power range

    I have had 3 vortex PST. At the time I was super happy, until I was trying to hit 1000+ in less than ideal conditions. My complaint was that they were a little fuzzy/grainy at higher magnification (actually one was just okay but the other two were bad and worse) Not sure why. Mix that graininess...
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    Rifle/cartridge choice for daughter

    That’s a decent plan. If you want just one rifle to practice with and do it all—I would go with the Tikka. I am biased. Also jealous. I have two lefty kids and only one lefty 6.5CM my 11 YO some will use it this fall. Need a lefty in 7mm for the 17 YO daughter now that little man has taken over...
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    Help with pack for moose Kifaru vs Eberlestock or Kuiu?

    Love Eberlestock….however for your applications there are better options. Eberlestock are phenomenal for confortable day hunting and then some discomfort for packing quarters. Kifaru (and others) are built to carry more weight and to transfer it to your hips. For HEAVY packs kifaru are...
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    7 SAUM load data

    Love it!
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    7 SAUM load data

    Looking promising between 61.8 and 62.2. That is where the two rifles I have done loads for have settled in. Tried two different bullets and two powders and they all seemed to be around 61ish grains and somewhere between 2950 and 3050fps—depending on barrel length and bullets weight.
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    7 SAUM load data

    Mine is only about 50 shots in, and still speeding up. 21 inch barrel, using 166 grain Atips in ADG brass, fed 215m primers, getting 2890 with 61.5 grains of h4831sc. And shooting nice tight little groups. Still verifying nodes and working out to distance waiting for the speed to level off to...
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    Which Hunting Knife

    ☝🏼This. I am also a backcountry backpacker and use the gutless method exclusively. Nicest fixed blade knife I have held. Good balance of light weight, and strong as well as sharp and holds an edge. Blade is proper depth and width to do great for all around gutless breakdown. I still carry an...
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    Anyone need some 6.5PRC Lapua brass?

    I just got a new Seekins HIT in 6.5 PRC. No loaded ammo or brass available locally that I have been able to get to before it gets snatched up. Could really use 50-100 pieces. I do have some Hornady that’s been fired several times in a different rifle, so I totally understand if you need to get...
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    What is your preference for trigger type and pull weight for long range hunting?

    I think a decent/upgraded trigger is one of the best investments. I like tigger tech and run them in most of my rifles. I haven’t tried Bix’n Andy but heard good things. I have tried Timney and they are good triggers, but I like the feel of the trigger tech better. I use the Special and Diamond...
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    Looking for a scope for my 300 win mag ridgeline

    ☝🏼This…this is my next scope. Great magnification range for all around hunting, decent glass, great internals, reliable, plus get red AND green illumination of reticle.
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    Start sourcing brass now. Norma and ADG are the only ones I can find and super tough at that. They do come available sometimes. I like h1000 and N565 in longer barrels and heavier bullets and have found h4831sc to be the best in my shorter barrels with mid range weighted bullets.
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    222, 223, 220, 22 BR, 22-250, 22 Creed

    I had one and loved it for varmints and fur. Should have never sold it.
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    Wolves poisoned in Oregon

    👏🏼 🙌🏼 Amen hallelujah! They also think we aren’t part of the system. They don’t realize whether people hunt or not, they are a predator, just by living in space that was once, is currently, or could be inhabited by a wild animal(s). They want to arrogantly and ignorantly think they can control...
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    Nepal Himalayan Blue Sheep March 2022

    wow! What an incredible adventure!! I’m so happy for you and inspired to think outside the box a little and start planning some epic adventures!